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12 Austin-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

4 Comments 30 October 2014

Hey, Austinite! Still need a costume idea? Well, I gotta list for you. Check it: all Austin-themed costumes. I’ve got costumes for people of all races, ages and genders. Some costumes poke fun, while others are meant to honor Austin’s greatest heroes. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Matthew McConaughey Top: Just Keep Livin’ shirt featuring words of wisdom [...]

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In Defense of Relatability in Storytelling

3 Comments 07 August 2014

This week, I noticed a number of film acquaintances and friends sharing a New Yorker article calling the “rise” of the expectation of relatability in creative work a “failure” of society. The article’s author, Rebecca Mead, believes that by us viewers expecting relatability in whatever work we are observing, we are creating a “reductive experience” [...]

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Interview: Nicole Atkins on her new album, Slow Phaser, and what it’s like to be Springsteen-approved

2 Comments 31 January 2014

pic via Bowery Boogie For some magical reason, one of my favorite musicians, Nicole Atkins, did an interview with me for my blog. As some of you may know, I’ve gushed about her before with a blog post titled “Lady Crush of the Day: Nicole Atkins.” I guess that post didn’t scare her away (or [...]

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12 Signs That You’re a Female Child of the 80s

11 Comments 28 January 2014

Traveling back to my childhood home is always difficult for me because it reminds me of how far away from my hoodI am. This bittersweet nostalgia always propels me to search the cellar for spoiled dessert wine my mother bought on a wine tasting trip ten years ago and get loaded. Or as loaded as [...]

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Why I’m Sick of Hearing About Celebrity Children Becoming Actors or Models

6 Comments 10 September 2013

Yesterday my friend Facebook chatted me to discuss the recently announced casting choices of  Fifty Shades of Grey the movie. I have neither read Fifty Shades of Grey nor intend to, so she had to explain to me who the roles of Christian and Ana went to. “I can’t believe Dakota Johnson is playing Ana!” [...]

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Miley Cyrus Robin Thicke

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Forget Miley: How to Talk to Your Children About Their Shitty Taste in Music

104 Comments 29 August 2013

There has been an abundance of articles circulating the web on how to talk to your daughters about Miley Cyrus or how to talk to your sons about Robin Thicke after their shocking performance of Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” at MTV’s VMAs, but the greater conversation still appears unspoken: have you talked to your children about [...]

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replacements don

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Dress Like Your Idols: The Replacements

5 Comments 19 July 2013

Currently, I have two fashion rules: 1.) Raid boyfriend’s closet. 2.) Continue childhood goal of becoming a rock star. At 8 years old, I wanted to be Jerry Lee Lewis. At 11, Michael Jackson. Then, for some terrible, terrible reason, Elton John dictated my prepubescent years (thirteen is the year I learned want “dyke” means). [...]

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david byrne

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Who is Your Creative Idol?

7 Comments 14 May 2013

I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to my creative idol. Since I was sixteen years old, David Byrne has been my guiding light for creativity. I first fell in awe when I watched the 15th anniversary DVD release of Stop Making Sense. Seeing him choreographically stumble at the end of “Psycho Killer” absolutely [...]

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