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Hearing the words “you have cancer”

2 Comments 03 January 2015

Grandma getting her hair did three days after her diagnosis We heard those terrible, dreadful words- “you have cancer”- on Tuesday. My grandmother, my stoic, indestructible grandmother, was diagnosed with lung cancer. They found it by accident. She had fallen and wanted to see if she fractured her rib. A small shadow on her lung [...]

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Will you be my grandmother’s pen pal?

10 Comments 24 September 2014

This is my grandmother. She is one of my favorite people. I come from a very small family. There are only four of us. My mother, my father, my grandmother and I. Dad left when I was seven, and my grandmother, who still lives across the street from my mother, helped raise me. I grew [...]

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Remembering the Past In Order to Truly Appreciate the Present

No Comments 09 July 2012

I wrote this last month while visiting home. It was a difficult one to write. Did a lot of reflecting… As the plane descended over the familiar lush landscape that is my hometown, several emotions reacquainted themselves with me. Feelings of joy, sadness, fear and optimism alternated dance steps in my brain. “Where has all [...]

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Remembering to Stop and Smell the Roses

2 Comments 13 June 2012

As I get older, trips home vary in emotion. When I travel back to Central New York in the winter, I join the legions of individuals who feel depressed and forlorn. My hometown feels as though it has been forgotten- which it has, in a way. However, during the summer, the area feels alive and [...]

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Summertime in New York

7 Comments 08 June 2012

I have a lot of stuff I want to write, but I’m on vacation, I’m sick and I’m grumpy. I’m trying to stay away from the comp, but it’s hard. In lieu of writing, here are some pics from my trip. Hope to get back up and writing this weekend. Have a nice weekend y’all! [...]

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A Photo of a Young Woman’s Life Waiting to Happen

8 Comments 06 March 2012

Working on some SXSW stuff for the blog today, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this photo of my grandmother as a teenager. Right now it sits on my desktop and every hour or so, I pull it up to take a look at it. She’s so young, so happy. My grandmother is [...]

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85 Year-Old Fashion

16 Comments 07 November 2011

My grandmother is the most fashionable lady I know. To this day, through all the aches and pains, she still makes sure to be completely polished and presentable. She owned a woman’s clothing store for 35 years so she is no stranger to women’s fashion. Her closet and basement is filled with wonderful articles from [...]

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Silver Leaf Wallpaper

No Comments 01 November 2011

Visiting home is always…always… I’m not sure what the word is. Every time I visit home I feel different. Like the arm of a clock on a different time. When I was 22, I was 3AM, when I was 25, I was 4PM and now the clock rests on noon. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve [...]

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