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What I Learned About Reality TV After Being on a Reality TV Show

No Comments 24 March 2012

I was once on a reality show. I know. Nowadays that’s not so unique. You actually have to crawl into a cave and live there for the rest of your life in order to avoid being filmed by reality show cameras. Except someone might tip a Hollywood producer about the person who moved into a [...]

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Being Friends With An Acquitted Murderer (and B-List Actor) Is Not Easy

No Comments 16 December 2011

Some of you guys might be familiar with this story for I’ve broached the topic of me being friends with an acquitted murderer/b-list actor before. If you’re not familiar with it, check out my story over at CultureMap. Murder, sex and purple pearl snap shirts. Such a wonderful children’s story for the Holidays. Being Friends [...]

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I Used to be a Hollywood Assistant

2 Comments 10 December 2011

Over at CultureMap, I wrote a story about my days in LA. Some of you who have hung in there with me might already know this story. Occasionally I get nostalgic and cry like a little bitch about ol’ Hollywood. Either way, I’m happy I left it… True Hollywood Story: The Life and Death of [...]

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Beyond 6th Interview

2 Comments 20 October 2011

On Sunday I was interviewed by the wonderful gang over at Beyond 6th. Beyond 6th is a weekly love letter podcast to Austin. Hosts @EddieCantu @BriDraffen @JustinTArthur and @WadeofHonor interview local artists and talk about what is going on in this marvelous city. I had a blast meeting with them and I highly recommend subscribing [...]

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Under Your Spell

27 Comments 20 October 2011

11:26PM 10/19/11 Watching Drive and writing that post today really got to me. The LA in Drive is the LA in so many movies and was the LA in my head when I lived there, though it’s not the LA that actually exists. I’ve written about this way too many times before, so I will [...]

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When the Car Speeds Out of Control

24 Comments 11 October 2011

11:34PM 10/10/11 I think? I spoke with my father earlier this evening. Dad is a part-time actor and part-time chauffeur in Los Angeles (aren’t they all?). He works for a well-known car service and because of his super flyness and charm, he often drives some of their largest clients. Most of his clients are kind [...]

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When Movie Productions Go Bad

6 Comments 09 September 2011

Working on a low-budget indie film is new to me. When I worked in Hollywood I worked for big people and therefore there was big money put into the films (in other words I worked on pieces of crap). Everything was taken care of on set- food, transportation, accommodations- and you only had to worry [...]

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Coming of Age in Hollywood

12 Comments 03 August 2011

my first year in Hollywood On my blog, I’ve only mentioned a few times that in a previous life I was a personal assistant in Hollywood. And as I also stated in that post, I don’t talk about that time often because of the a.) WMD-sized confidentiality agreements that loom over my head and b.) [...]

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