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The Winner of the Lindsey Buckingham Ticket Giveaway (and my first blog video)!

via Billboard

This is my first video on Hipstercrite.

Don’t judge.

I said, DON’T JUDGE!

This was filmed this morning post-shower, but pre-coffee. My hair is still wet, my allergy dark circles are ragin’ and I’m speaking quietly because we have an editor temporarily living at our house (he is editing our movie, Loves Her Gun) and I don’t want him to think that I talk to myself any more than I’ve already shown.

In this video, I announce the winner of the Lindsey Buckingham ticket giveaway and sing Fleetwood Mac to you.

If you are the winner, email me at laurenmodery at gmail dot com.

If you dislike my singing, let me know and I will bombard you with more videos.

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Lindsey Buckingham Ticket Giveaway: Antone’s 8/22

Something really amazing is happening over here at Hipstercrite.

I’m giving away two tickets to the SOLD OUT 8/22 Antone’s show of this BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL MAN:

 Yep, you heard right.

Two tickets to see the super talented Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac.

If you’ve never seen this guy make love to his guitar, you’re in for a real treat. One of the most charming musicians and fantastic guitar players out there.

To enter the giveaway, I’m going to make this a little fun (p.s. it involves dressing up!).


1.) Hit “like” on the Hipstercrite and Antone’s Facebook pages (if you’re already a fan of both, let me know in comments)

2.) Leave a comment down below that says you’ve done both (you have until 11:59PM Sunday, August 5th to do this).

3.) I will draw names out of a hat at 10AM Monday, August 6th.

4.) I will announce the winner on my blog on Monday!


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Ten Best Covers of a Fleetwood Mac Song

Ok, so my blog has been on a Fleetwood Mac kick lately.

I’m just so excited that:

1.) The band announced they’re touring next year!

2.) A new Fleetwood Mac tribute album titled Just Tell Me That You Want Me  is coming out in August and featuring Best Coast, Lykke Li and MGMT.

3.) I’m doing a ticket giveaway to see Lindsey Buckingham at Antone’s on August 22nd! Check back soon for the giveaway.

As for the cover album, Pitchfork has leaked Lykke Li’s cover of  “Silver Springs” and The New Pornographers’ “Think About Me”. So far, the album sounds great! A lot of diverse talent including The Kills, Marianne Faithful and St. Vincent covering famous and obscure FM songs such as “Albatross”, “Storms” and “Sisters of the Moon”.

The tribute album got me thinking about my favorite Fleetwood Mac covers. What is your fave?

Who: Lykke Li
Song: “Silver Springs”
Why It’s Awesome: Lykke Li gives a nice shoegazey twist to this lyrically haunting song.

Who: Continue Reading

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Top Ten Songs Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham Wrote About Each Other

I don’t know a lot in this world, but I do know a lot about Fleetwood Mac.

If they offered studies in Fleetwood Mac, I’d have a PhD. I’d wow the living shit out of people on CNN with my insane Fleetwood Mac knowledge.

I spent the majority of my awkward and sweaty prepubescent years fantasizing about Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham getting it on.

I listened to every song one or the other wrote and dissected with great scrutiny the meaning behind each song.

They were my personal soap opera and I couldn’t get enough.

I began thinking about relationships in terms of Stevie and Lindsey.

Relationships must be passionate, dysfunctional and highly inspirational. You must break up with the person but write about them for decades afterwards.

This is what art & love & life are all about, right? RIGHT?!

Even though I was (thankfully) able to move past that idea, I still find myself going on Nicks-Buckingham binges where I gobble up every angst-riddled song Continue Reading

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The Artistic Importance of Longing

I secretly love reading self-help articles written by people who have no formal training in telling you how to live your life.

In my scavenging for these articles on such sites like Huffington Post, The Frisky and any bubbly-logo’d site aimed towards my demographic, I occasionally come across posts condemning the act of longing. “Longing prevents us from fulfilling our dreams and moving forward in life,” they say. If we’re stuck in the past and long for people, places and things that are realistically unattainable, then we will never truly enjoy our lives.

These articles often hit home for me, because I realize that I’m a person that does indeed live in the past and not “in the now.” I long for my childhood, places I’ve lived, places I’ve never been to, my family, my friends, people that I miss. I’m constantly suspended in a perpetual state of romanticism. I also realize that all of these factors play an intricate part in my writing. They are daily inspiration and reoccurring Continue Reading

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Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham Are My Soap Opera

When I was a young girl I fantasized a lot about Fleetwood Mac. Specifically Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. They were my teenage soap opera. I would lie in bed for hours gobbling up their discography, paying strict attention to the sharp pangs of Lindsey’s anger and the romanticism of Stevie. My heart would flutter as the story of their love and break-up wafted from my turntable. For those of you not familiar with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were a young couple/struggling musicians in California that got their big break the day that Mick Fleetwood and John McVie from the British blues band, Fleetwood Mac, heard them. He welcomed them on board as their lead singers, alongside keyboardist Christine McVie, and the rest is history. This super band when on to record one of the best selling albums of all time, Rumours, with over 40 million copies sold, in addition to many other high-grossing albums that have earned the band their place in rock Continue Reading

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I Still Look Up When You Walk in the Room

Holy crap! I wrote a really long story for the hell of it. 
Let’s just say that I’ve been listening to waaaaay too much Fleetwood Mac lately.

The absolutely best part of the story is when the song he wrote about me came on the radio while we were physically fighting.

That was the hysterical part. What are the odds that that song would play while he was holding my throat against a windshield? I mean, so what it reached #1 back in 2002? Even in my slightly incapacitated state, I found the irony perfect.

I guess this would be the worst part of the story. He held his hand against my throat long enough to make me start to black out but our drummer, Seth, flew out of what seemed like the second story balcony of the hotel and body slammed Ryan to the ground. It seriously was like Spiderman shit. I saw Seth coming in and my eyes must have widened to the size of saucers. Ryan really had no idea what was about to hit him.

They wrestled around on the floor for awhile and the parking lot attendant kept asking me if I was ok, but all I wanted to do was scream. Nothing would come out. Not a note, not a squeak, not a sigh. Nothing. “Great. You killed my voice!” I kept shouting to Ryan over and over in my head. The concierge insisted that he call an ambulance, but I gathered my purse, which had spilled everywhere, and ran back up to the room. I knew what was going to happen. The police were going to be called and Ryan would be thrown in jail and we would have to perform the show without him.

He wrote that song during our first break-up. We would get back together one more time after that, but for only six months. That break-up really signified the beginning of the end. With the success of the band growing, Ryans’ subsequent imbalance of isolation and partying, and me coming into my own as an artist, it was apparent to everyone but us that the ship was sinking fast.

We held on way too long. What were the reasons? I don’t know. Maybe we liked the drama. What we were able to take from it creatively. Maybe we didn’t know how to live without each other. Shit, I met him when I was seventeen for crying out loud. I hadn’t dated anyone else. Living for that man was all I knew. Putting food on the table while he sat for hours and hours writing songs on his guitar. He was our meal ticket out of that 100 square foot apartment with no hot water. His talent was going to take us to the next level- and that’s precisely what it did.

Maybe that’s why I stayed with him. Because I felt like I owed it to him. All the money and the fans and the adulation- that was because of him. And don’t think for a second that I enjoyed becoming the “star” of the band. That is not something I asked for. It just happened and Ryan never got over it.

Either way, when the fighting just became too much and we couldn’t even record together without serving insults back and forth like a game of table tennis, I knew something had to change. At this point we were sharing a house in the Hills and I told him that I was tired. Tired of walking on eggshells. Tired of the second guessing. I was done and would be moving in with our bandmate Katie.

The look on Ryan’s face was priceless. In fact, I wrote a song about it. It’s called, “Your Face“. For the first time in the ten years that I knew him, I saw all the smugness sucked from his belly. It was as if my words came in the form of a Hoover Vac that ate up every ounce of his misplaced confidence and impregnated them into my psyche. I walked away from that house thinking, “I’ll never see that prick again!”

Of course, I’d be seeing him in the recording studio the next day.

Ryan walked into the studio on Sunset Boulevard the next morning looking like the incarnation of death. He had stayed up all night writing angry songs about me which he proudly played for the band. One song in particular called “Whore” was particularly upsetting. Of course this is the song that went on to become our biggest hit and played during our confrontation. The line, “My little whore, that’s what you are. Just riding on my coattails, watching from afar” particularly got me worked up during concerts and on more than one occasion I made my anger apparent by picking up Seth’s beer bottle and chucking it towards Ryan’s head.

Every song on that album was about our relationship. Even Katie, the third songwriter of our band, ended up writing these very dismal and depressing songs about life and heartbreak because of how much our crap permeated the room. Twelve tracks of longing and bitching and crying and shit-flinging. Of course it went on to being triple platinum and we were forced to spend more time together due to award nominations, touring, and interviews.

After being on the road for three months of the eleven we were committing to a world tour, complete disgust turned into horniness and Ryan and I got back together. Just for six months. Let me tell you, after you perform a concert in front of 20,000 plus people for two hours, singing about anger and love and heartbreak, you walk off stage thinking, “Oh man, I think I really need to fuck something right now. If I don’t release this adrenalin rush, I might have a heart attack.” So when you’re walking off stage next to the person you despise the most on this planet, there seems like no greater option.

But like I said, that only lasted six months. During that tour, Ryan’s recreational drug use manifested into a hobby of how far detached he could bring himself from humanity. His resentment towards me always bordered on hatred and about one month after we broke-up for the second time, he just snapped. We were in the middle of practicing my song “Our House in the Hills”- a song I wrote about the imaginary domestic facade we were trying to hold onto so many years ago- and he stood up, started screaming about how much he hated the band and that we were holding him back and he was done with the tour and done with all of us. He threw his guitar as hard as he could on the stage and took a taxi straight to the airport. Luckily, there were only three more shows left in the tour and even though I was beside myself with anger that Ryan could do this to the band, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Ryan went on to start his solo career, as did I. That was eight years ago and we hadn’t really seen each other since. Except for the occasional business call between the band or the very rare occurrence we bumped into each other at a party.

But when an up-and-coming singer that covered “Whore” was nominated for a Grammy, we were asked to reunite and sing onstage with him.

And that brings us to the story that happened earlier today.

So why did Ryan strangle me? Because I told him that I never loved him.

“I’m sorry” he said over and over from the doorway as I got ready for the show.
Ryan lucked out. Due to his celebrity, reps from the recording label quickly broke up the fight and whisked Ryan off in a limo and left Seth at the hotel to tend to me. The head of security at the hotel asked if I wanted to press charges, but what was the point?

“I’m under a lot of stress and I didn’t slept well last night and- I mean, it’s no excuse. No excuse at all. What I did was unforgivable. I’m sorry, Maddy. Maddy? Maddy, will you look at me?”

I hadn’t ackonwledged Ryan the entire time he was in my room.

He walked up and knelt down on the ground. He reached up and grabbed my hand and I noted the irony of the dual roles his hand played that day.

I turned to him.

“Why do you hate me so much, Ryan? What did I do to you to instill such wrath?”

“I guess I never stopped loving you, Maddy.”

It was the first time I ever heard him admit defeat. After  so many years of angry songs about how I failed him and the band, how he moved on and found someone better, about what a no-good lousy bitch I am, he finally said the words I never thought would leave his mouth.

Later that evening, while playing our most famous song onstage, I saw a completely defeated man.

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Top 4 Songs About Messed Up Relationships

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means who gives a shit?

It’s a day for grade-schoolers who are clueless about heartbreak and disappointment and women who send flowers to themselves. For people to buy bottom shelf chocolate for their significant others that will get half eaten and for men to coerce their ladies into having sex with them for the first time in months.

This time of year the TV and radio is littered with cheesy rom-coms and sappy love songs. I dig the cheese fest just as much as the rest of you all, but sometimes it gets old. There really is only so much alone time you can spend with a Marvin Gaye tune, a bottle of wine, a photo of Ryan Gosling above your bed, and a lot of concentration. Not everyone has a significant other on Valentine’s Day. Some people just got dumped. Some people are going through a divorce. Some people are with a partner they resent and despise. Where is their holiday, huh?

So in honor of anti-Valentine’s Day, I’d like to list my top 4 favorite songs about messed up relationships and break-ups.

Because there should be a day to celebrate these kind of things too.


1.) Go Your Own WayFleetwood Mac

Duh. Of course Fleetwood Mac would be number one. Every God forsaken song is about their messed up incestuous familial unit. It’s hard to pick just one song because there are like ten million songs of them all whining and bitching about each other. Christine divorced John, Stevie left Lindsey, Stevie slept with Mick, Lindsey pouted a lot and made weird, retarded dance moves while playing the guitar. To every Stevie’s “I’m going to refer to you as a metaphorical crystal!” song, Lindsey wrote a, “I hate you, farm animal- sounding devil woman!” guttural equivalent. There is no better example of Lindsey’s wrath than the classic hit Go Your Own Way– Lindsey’s big ol’ “f you” to his former flame.

Stevie dumped Lindsey during the making of Rumours due to Lindsey having his big ol’ white-man fro shoved so far up his ass. He was really taken aback by the dump, which is strange considering EVERY SONG ON THE PRIOR ALBUM FLEETWOOD MAC WAS ABOUT STEVIE’S UNHAPPINESS IN THE RELATIONSHIP. Lindsey was so hurt and pissed by Stevie’s gall, that he wrote the most blatantly childish and emotionally bipolar I Hate You!/No, I Love You! songs of the 1970’s. Go Your Own Way is about as psycho has a twenty-one year old girl with daddy issues. In the song, Lindsey runs the emotional gamut from questioning– “How can I ever change things that I feel?”- to generosity– “I’d give you my world”- to anger– “Go your own way!”- to accusatory– “Shacking up is all you wanna do”- to optimism– “Everything is waiting for you”. It’s obvious Lindsey didn’t know what he was thinking or feeling. If his aim was to piss Stevie off, then he succeeded. Stevie is quoted as saying that she wanted to walk over and strangle him onstage every time the line, “Shacking up is all you wanna do” came out of his mouth.

Lindsey and Stevie’s drama was bad for them, but great for us. Their twisted little soap opera ran for decades- long after the pair split up- with an estimated 30 songs written about each other. Sadly, the drama has quieted in their old age. Lindsey finally settled down and had kids, Stevie lives alone and collects Yorkies and dream catchers.

“Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac

2.) Nothing Compares 2 UPrince

Long before Ol’ Baldy made this Prince song a household hit, the Purple Midget wrote the sentimental break-up song for the singer the song was about. Prince loved his cooter, especially cooter he could mold into his musical “proteges” (i.e. Prince Play-Doh). The particular cooter this song is about came in the identical form of his lesbian Revolution bandmate Wendy Melvoin. Except the twin, Susannah, was straight and obviously fell under Prince’s pubey magic.

Susannah was just a wee thing when Prince proposed to her and made her join his Jim Jones’-esque band experiment, The Family. The story is, chicken couldn’t keep his nugget in his pants and finally Susannah wised up and dumped his small, but firm ass. Prince wrote Nothing Compares 2 U and a number of other sappy love songs about Susannah such as The Beautiful Ones, Adore, and If I Was Your Girlfriend. Prince wasn’t hurting for long though, he went on to date and marry a bevy of other beautiful and significantly taller women than he. As sweet and romantic as the Nothing Compares 2 U is, the truth is the original recording by The Family sucks ass. It’s downright terrible. Like many of Prince’s musical experiments, they all seem awkward and fearful of Prince’s overbearing gaze from behind the recording booth glass.

“Nothing Compares 2 U”- The Family

3.) In Your EyesPeter Gabriel

When the raspy and smoky vocals of Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes comes on the stereo, one instantly thinks of a stoic John Cusack, standing legs apart holding a boom box above his head and wearing one of the most dreadful fashion ensembles of the 1980’s. However, the story behind this song actually entails another actor, one that Peter Gabriel bonked. After leaving his wife, Peter Gabriel scooped up the inspiration to Toto’s Rosanna and made her his own.

Peter Gabriel and Rosanna Arquette Say Anything made me squirmy about love. Neither song or movie made love look or sound enjoyable. Lloyd Dobbler got a pen and his heart stomped on. Peter Gabriel felt like “running away” and “driving off in his car”. Lloyd Dobbler had to stand outside at dusk holding a really heavy object over his head, though I’m sure his arms were tired. Peter Gabriel had to “work so hard for the survival” of he and Rosanna’s relationship. Shit, Gabriel even saw the doorway to a 1,000 churches because of Rosanna. That sounds terrifying. ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. No wonder it didn’t work out. If dating an Arquette is like being overwhelmed with God’s real estate, then count me out.

“In Your Eyes”- Peter Gabriel

4.) Hearts and BonesPaul Simon

Paul Simon is quite possibly one of the best lyricists that ever lived. I hate poetry but there is something about the honesty and imagery of Simon’s lyrics that I just love. He is such a good songwriter that he was even able to romanticise the craziness of his former wife, Carrie Fisher. Simon and Fisher dated from 1977 to 1983. Somewhere in  that time Fisher was engaged to Dan Aykroyd for shits and giggles. Fisher and Simon broke up for good in 1983, only to get married later that year. They divorced in 1984 and then started dated again. Phew! It’s clear that these two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. It’s hard to imagine Fisher’s cocaine-loving bi-polar ways mixed with Simon’s sedated demeanor, but obviously something clicked and then unclicked and then clicked.

The song starts with the words “One and one-half wandering Jews”, so you know right there that story is about to get good. Have any percentage of Jewishness in a relationship and things get exciting. Simon goes on to explain the “arc of their love affair” as the two get married and head down to Mexico only to question how much damage they’ve done to one another. Simon also wrote the songs, Graceland, Allergies, and She Moves On about his fairy tale with Princess Leia. Simon has since moved on to marry Edie Brickell and have a butt load of children, while Fisher went on to have a kid with a closeted gay dude, gain a lot of weight, become dependent on drugs, battle bipolar disorder, and write successful books and plays about her f’ed up life.

“Hearts and Bones”- Paul Simon