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We Got Old

5 Comments 14 April 2012

source As many of you know, the person I’ve only known as a grandfather, Lionel, has Alzheimer’s. It has gotten worse and these past few months have been difficult for my family. I decided to write a fairly personal post on CultureMap about it. It was a tough one to write. _______   “Yesterday, Lionel [...]

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Come Back, Rick Moranis! (and Deborah Foreman, Phoebe Cates and Tim Curry)

No Comments 30 March 2012

My little nugget Do you ever find yourself catching an old flick and wondering, “Oh man, where did that actor disappear to?” Then you scramble to Wikipedia only to find out that they died of bone cancer in 1978 and you become completely despondent for the rest of the evening (John Cazale anyone?) Sometimes actors or actresses [...]

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I’ve Angered Some People in Detroit

16 Comments 24 February 2012

The weirdest thing happened the other day. The piece I wrote about what the next hipster cities will be was read by more than 45 people and my mother. In fact, in some of the towns I mentioned in the post, the article got passed around like a cheerleader in a frat house (sorry to [...]

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What Are the New Hipsters Cities to Move To?

6 Comments 22 February 2012

Sometimes it feels like there is no place more hipster-plentiful than Austin, Texas. The city has become the poster child of what young creatives and entrepreneurs are discharging into this world. When you look up the word ‘Austin’ in the thesaurus, the words, ‘old-timey facial hair,’ ‘your grandmother’s eyewear,’ ‘college degree in food carting,’ ‘bee [...]

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The Artistic Importance of Longing

No Comments 11 February 2012

I secretly love reading self-help articles written by people who have no formal training in telling you how to live your life. In my scavenging for these articles on such sites like Huffington Post, The Frisky and any bubbly-logo’d site aimed towards my demographic, I occasionally come across posts condemning the act of longing. “Longing [...]

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Hipstercrite Round-Up: The World is Ryan Gosling’s Runway

11 Comments 17 January 2012

(art) Who doesn’t love recycled art? Who? WHO?! TELL ME!!! Various creative artists came up with some interesting reworkings of billboards. My favorite is the billboard swing, though it seems kind of terrifying. Like the sort of thing that you think would be a good idea to try after you had five Rumple Minze. (via [...]

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The Winter of Wanderlust

2 Comments 16 January 2012

During the holidays, we drove through West Texas and New Mexico. A trip I’ve done before and a journey I never tire of. It had all the makings of a romantic anecdote. Four of us were nestled in the body off an all-terrain truck. We listened to country music from the 1950s. We marveled at [...]

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Welcoming the End of the Quarter Life Crisis

9 Comments 03 January 2012

2012 marks the last year of my twenties. Previously, saying that made me collapse into a fit of inconsolable defeat. Once, on the phone with my father about my car being paid off when I’m 30, I fell to the floor during the middle of the conversation. All it took was me saying, “Well, when [...]

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