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The Winner of the Lindsey Buckingham Ticket Giveaway (and my first blog video)!

16 Comments 06 August 2012

via Billboard This is my first video on Hipstercrite. Don’t judge. I said, DON’T JUDGE! This was filmed this morning post-shower, but pre-coffee. My hair is still wet, my allergy dark circles are ragin’ and I’m speaking quietly because we have an editor temporarily living at our house (he is editing our movie, Loves Her [...]

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Ten Best Covers of a Fleetwood Mac Song

23 Comments 24 July 2012

Ok, so my blog has been on a Fleetwood Mac kick lately. I’m just so excited that: 1.) The band announced they’re touring next year! 2.) A new Fleetwood Mac tribute album titled Just Tell Me That You Want Me  is coming out in August and featuring Best Coast, Lykke Li and MGMT. 3.) I’m [...]

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Top Ten Songs Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham Wrote About Each Other

101 Comments 03 July 2012

I don’t know a lot in this world, but I do know a lot about Fleetwood Mac. If they offered studies in Fleetwood Mac, I’d have a PhD. I’d wow the living shit out of people on CNN with my insane Fleetwood Mac knowledge. I spent the majority of my awkward and sweaty prepubescent years [...]

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The Artistic Importance of Longing

No Comments 11 February 2012

I secretly love reading self-help articles written by people who have no formal training in telling you how to live your life. In my scavenging for these articles on such sites like Huffington Post, The Frisky and any bubbly-logo’d site aimed towards my demographic, I occasionally come across posts condemning the act of longing. “Longing [...]

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Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham Are My Soap Opera

22 Comments 24 August 2011

When I was a young girl I fantasized a lot about Fleetwood Mac. Specifically Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. They were my teenage soap opera. I would lie in bed for hours gobbling up their discography, paying strict attention to the sharp pangs of Lindsey’s anger and the romanticism of Stevie. My heart would flutter [...]

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Your Life in a Box Full of Smushed Candy

11 Comments 27 May 2011

Moms are awesome! Want to know why? Because they send you an Easter day care package four weeks later with stuff like this in it: A 2001 Engagement calendar. Me: “Mom, why did you send me a calendar from ten years ago?” Mom: “Because it’s a very special year. The year you graduated high school.” [...]

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I Still Look Up When You Walk in the Room

6 Comments 16 February 2011

Holy crap! I wrote a really long story for the hell of it.  Let’s just say that I’ve been listening to waaaaay too much Fleetwood Mac lately. The absolutely best part of the story is when the song he wrote about me came on the radio while we were physically fighting. That was the hysterical [...]

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Top 4 Songs About Messed Up Relationships

12 Comments 04 February 2011

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means who gives a shit? It’s a day for grade-schoolers who are clueless about heartbreak and disappointment and women who send flowers to themselves. For people to buy bottom shelf chocolate for their significant others that will get half eaten and for men to coerce their ladies into having [...]

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