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Love is the Digestive Cacophony of Eating a Large Mexican Meal

11 Comments 14 February 2013

a note for my sweetheart- throw up all you’d like I don’t write about my boyfriend much anymore because it grosses some folks out. Understandably so- I don’t like reading sappy shit either. Because of this, some dude I know named “Geoff” only comes up occasionally in my blog posts. But it’s Valentine’s Day, dammit, [...]

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The Emergency Room is a Scary and Confusing Place at 2AM

6 Comments 25 September 2012

“Somebody stabbed me with a screwdriver!” These words traveled with a ten-person entourage on their way through the ER doors last Friday morning at 2AM. Geoff and I were at the ER because he had a 103 fever and was coughing up blood. Not coughing up blood in a Robert Shaw at the end of [...]

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What I Hope To Find During My First Trip to Europe: My Boyfriend, John Stamos and Cheese

4 Comments 19 March 2012

My post over at CultureMap today… Today my boyfriend leaves for a three-month stay in Portugal. I’m not happy about it. I’ve spent the past weeks devising a plan to run screaming out onto the tarmac in a rabbit costume before his plane leaves the gate. I figure that a rabbit costume is not threatening [...]

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A Letter to the Man Who Should Not Read My Blog, But Does Anyways

18 Comments 12 July 2011

I wondered if you even existed when I would see a couple on the street. At the rate I was going, it didn’t seem like I would come to meet you. You were an elusive figure. Someone I was left to writing about. A stranger I was to meet on a subway in a big [...]

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To Dance in Laredo

12 Comments 19 April 2011

Life is always an adventure. Even when it takes you to a border town in Texas where friends and loved ones suggest that your safety will be in great danger if you go. Texas is 268,581 square miles of curios. Even on the long stretches of dry nothingness or repetitious sand-colored strip malls, the state [...]

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To He Who Should Not Read My Blog

15 Comments 01 April 2011

I don’t write about my social or romantic life on my blog very often, if at all. This blog is not the platform for that- it’s supposed to be a blog about being a fuckin’ hipster, dammit- and in some areas of my life, I’m actually a somewhat private person. I also realize that saying [...]

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Try a Little Tenderness

7 Comments 14 February 2011

source “I haven’t been in love in a long, long time,” she said to herself in the best Otis Redding impression she could muster up. Heightened emphasis on the first “long.” Eight ‘o’s’. “I haven’t been in love in a loooooooong, long time,” she kept repeating just enough so the purpose behind the sentence meant [...]

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