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Hipster Travel: Sunken City, the Neighborhood That Fell Into the Ocean

2 Comments 03 June 2014

Last weekend, I jumped in my car and drove to LA, like a goddamn fool. I’ve been a huge pussy about flying and after crying like a little bitch about whether or not I should buy a last minute flight or make the 42-hour roundtrip car ride to LA, I decided to toughen up, throw [...]

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A Gray, Rainy Day in LA (Pictures)

2 Comments 19 December 2012

We snuck out to LA for a few days this past weekend to finish up sound on our movie and to visit with friends and family. It was a whirlwind trip that almost included a visit to the Conan O’Brien set to see Bryan Cranston!!!!, but alas, I forgot how AWE-INSPIRINGLY SHITTY LA traffic is [...]

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How to Travel With Your Mother Without Killing Each Other

14 Comments 27 September 2012

Just a dead shark on a forklift MY MOM IS IN TOWN! That means a lot of quality mom and daughter bonding time, her telling me I should brush my hair and her telling my boyfriend stories about how I don’t share food. I love my Mom more than anything. I am her only daughter [...]

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In-N-Out Burger is Headed to Austin Area. Who Cares?

16 Comments 28 June 2012

photo by Terrapin Trail When I lived in LA, one of the anomalies I couldn’t wrap my brain around are the ridiculous lines for In-N-Out Burger. Even in a jaded city like Los Angeles, the popularity of the In-N-Out has never waned. Though I don’t particularly like or dislike In-N-Out Burger, I can tell you [...]

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I Miss LA

10 Comments 14 May 2012

Visiting LA was amazing and confusing. I never imagined that I would miss LA, but I do. I think? This week I visited Los Angeles. It was my first extended trip since I walked away from the city of wandering angels. I met up with old friends and revisited familiar locations that I abruptly left almost [...]

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Sometimes I Miss Being a Sad, Drunken Twenty-Something

9 Comments 07 May 2012

Sometimes I think my writing would be much more interesting if I were still a wandering soul. I used to decry that as a confused early twenty-something my stresses prevented me from thinking creatively. Between the ages of 20 and 25 that I lived in Los Angeles, I did little to release my artistic passions. [...]

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A Story About Drinking

18 Comments 08 February 2012

I rarely drink anymore. Because of that, this post is spawned from the fact that I spent most of yesterday morning barfing up the Janis Joplin- hemp seed veggie patty, Tillamook cheese and avocado- at Austin’s beloved burger spot, Hopdoddy. I had three drinks of tequila and my body was all like, “WTF is this [...]

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I Used to be a Hollywood Assistant

2 Comments 10 December 2011

Over at CultureMap, I wrote a story about my days in LA. Some of you who have hung in there with me might already know this story. Occasionally I get nostalgic and cry like a little bitch about ol’ Hollywood. Either way, I’m happy I left it… True Hollywood Story: The Life and Death of [...]

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