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12 Reasons Why Matthew McConaughey Should be the Mayor of Austin

3 Comments 10 October 2014

A few days ago, I posted the picture below with a promise to write about why Matthew McConaughey should be the mayor of Austin. photo by Rick Kern for Getty Images And I’m not talking about in the future. McConaughey should be mayor now. I’m encouraging everyone in Austin to write in Mr. McConaughey come [...]

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Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival Has So Many Boinkable Comedians This Year

No Comments 25 April 2014

Guys, I’m stoked. The Moontower Comedy Festival just started and I got a press badge.¬†For this blog. How the hell that happened, I’m not sure. All I know is that that means I can stalk¬†write about the Kids in the Hall. Man, I love the Kids in the Hall. I’ve written about them a disgusting [...]

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Happy National Feral Cat Day!

6 Comments 16 October 2013

source (modified) It’s National Feral Cat Day! You know what that means, right? Find yourself a feral cat, throw a piece of cake at it and run. Since I work from home, I’VE BEGUN LOSING MY MIND I spend a lot of time talking to and getting to know the feral cats in our neighborhood. [...]

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Foodie Tour of Austin Restaurants Featured on Reality TV

2 Comments 09 September 2013

It should come as no surprise that Austin has been on a butt-load of reality TV shows. Why is it not a surprise? Because Austin is currently America’s shiny ball that they like to poke, play with and stare at. Many of those aforementioned reality shows are food-based. The culinary scene in Austin has grown [...]

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tubing in Gruene, Texas

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*The Day I Drank a Bud Light Lime-a-Rita and Wrestled a Snake

7 Comments 29 April 2013

  We happened upon a snake ball yesterday. It’s not as cool as it sounds. Before yesterday, I always thought a snake ball is when prepubescent male snakes put on their bow ties, ask to borrow their ‘rent’s Caddy and impress the female snakes with their dance moves learned from watching Michael Jackson clips on [...]

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Waiting for Guffman Lockhart courthouse

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Exploring the Americana of Small Town Texas (pics)

5 Comments 14 January 2013

Geoff and I took a lovely trip to Gonzales, Texas this weekend (60 miles due south from Austin on Highway 183); he was acting in a movie and I was happily reconnecting with nature after becoming a complete workaholic recluse. Acting is something that Geoff has gotten into recently (he acted in two movies last [...]

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When A Unicorn Takes a Massive Dump in Front of You

4 Comments 01 November 2012

Recuperating from an action-packed Halloween last night, so I will keep this short. See this unicorn? It came into the bar we were hanging out in, went out onto the dance floor, took a massive dump, then left. This is why I love living in Austin.

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Nothing Says Halloween Like a Karate Rock Band Wearing Prosthetic Limbs

4 Comments 30 October 2012

My boyfriend has a band. They’re called The Karate Kids. They sing about the Karate Kid movies including the ill-advised remake starring Will Smith’s son. They wear prosthetic limbs and perform each of their songs in the kicking crane position. If this doesn’t sell you on them already, check out some of their songs. Side [...]

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