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One Week Before SXSW!

2 Comments 01 March 2013

  It’s one week before SXSW starts and one week and one day before the premiere of our film Loves Her Gun. I’m nervous and I’m excited and hopeful and fearful. What if no one likes the film? What if during the film, the audience collectively rises in a wave of anger, throws vegetables or [...]

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adrienne shelly

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Awesome Lady Hero of the Day: Adrienne Shelly

1 Comment 24 January 2013

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated with the art and fantasy of film. This fascination led me to film school and then to Los Angeles where I held an assistant role at the production company of an Oscar Award-winning actor. My upbringing and surroundings in Los Angeles barely introduced me to [...]

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No Comments 06 December 2012

Just a quick thank you to everyone who donated, shared or expressed interest in our film, Loves Her Gun, and our fundraising campaign. We reached our $5,000 Indiegogo goal to finish post-production last night! We are so touched by everyone’s support and are excited to keep you updated on any developments! In the meantime, here [...]

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Holy Crap! Here’s My Movie Trailer! Would Love Your Thoughts!

11 Comments 29 November 2012

As some of you know, last year I co-wrote and co-produced a movie! She’s called Loves Her Gun and we’re super proud of her! If you’re new to this site and want to learn more about it, please go here. If you’re interested in donating and getting sweet swag & your name in the credits, [...]

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Holy Crap! We Made a Movie and It’s Almost Finished!

3 Comments 08 November 2012

Last year, I co-wrote and co-produced a movie called Loves Her Gun. It still seems like a dream that the film even happened. One day we were coming up with an idea for a movie, the next day we were shooting it. For a month. And in that time, I don’t think I slept, took [...]

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Beyond 6th Interview

2 Comments 20 October 2011

On Sunday I was interviewed by the wonderful gang over at Beyond 6th. Beyond 6th is a weekly love letter podcast to Austin. Hosts @EddieCantu @BriDraffen @JustinTArthur and @WadeofHonor interview local artists and talk about what is going on in this marvelous city. I had a blast meeting with them and I highly recommend subscribing [...]

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We’re Almost Finished Making a Movie!

6 Comments 22 September 2011

We just wrapped our Austin shoot onLoves Her Gun. The gang is now en route to NYC in a Winnebago that looks like this: Our three week shoot in Austin has been awesome. We had so many wonderful cast and crew helping to make this movie something special. The footage looks great and we had [...]

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Loves Her Gun

7 Comments 06 September 2011

Holy crap, we’re making a movie! I can’t believe it’s actually happening. One day Geoff and I were writing a treatment, next thing I know we’re starting production. Today we’re on day 5 of production. Some of us have gotten very little sleep. From the support of friends and fans, we were able to reach [...]

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