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12 Austin-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey, Austinite!

Still need a costume idea?

Well, I gotta list for you.

Check it: all Austin-themed costumes.

I’ve got costumes for people of all races, ages and genders. Some costumes poke fun, while others are meant to honor Austin’s greatest heroes.


Matthew McConaughey
Top: Just Keep Livin’ shirt featuring words of wisdom by McConaughey (these babies can be found at Dillards)
Bottom: Shorts
Shoes: Flip flops
Accessories: Bongos, sunglasses
Notes: Clothing optional

Matthew McConaughey bongos


Romeo Rose
Top: A Renaissance or “Purple Rain” shirt from the Halloween store
Bottom: Printed pants- the more garish, the better
Shoes: Pointed cowboy boots
Accessories: Buck teeth, necklace of your initials, a rose, smarm

Romeo Rose


Jeremiah the Innocent (a.k.a. the Hi, How Are You? Frog)
Top: White t-shirt with “Hi, How Are You?” written in scraggily writing
Bottom: White pants
Shoes: Paper mache frog hands and feet
Accessories: Headband affixed with pipe cleaners holding up styrofoam balls (for eyeballs), black outline around your mouth

Jeremiah the Innocent

Kinky Friedman
Top: Black western shirt, black western jacket
Bottom: Black slacks
Shoes: Black cowboy boots
Accessories: Sunglasses, cigar, black cowboy hat, swagger

Kinky Friedman


The Thong Cyclist
Top: Nothing
Bottom: G-string
Shoes: None
Accessories: Bicycle, spray tan
Notes: Bring backup clothing in case it gets cold or people keep cupping your balls.

Thong Cyclist Austin


Ann Richards
Top: 80s power suit or power dress
Bottom: (see above)
Shoes: 80s heels
Accessories: Blonde bouffant, pearls, clip-on earrings, class

Ann Richards


Festival Goer
Top: American Apparel tank or v-neck shirt
Bottom: Jeans
Shoes: Toms or flip flops
Accessories: Headdress, 25 wristbands on each arm, cheap swag “wayfarers,” cell phone up in the air recording everything that you see
Notes: Be prepared to be bitch-slapped by someone if you dress in this costume

SXSW wristbands


Rundberg Running Man
Top: Tank top
Bottom: Long shorts
Shoes: Sweet kicks with knee socks
Accessories: Ear buds, positive attitude, a smile, lots of energy, dancing

Rundberg Running Man


Rick Perry a.k.a. Slick Rick a.k.a. Governor Good Hair
Top: Nice black suit with white or blue shirt
Bottom: (see above)
Shoes: Dress shoes
Accessories: Rectangular glasses, slicked back hair, corn dog, open mouth action

Rick Perry corn dog


Barbara Jordan
Top: 70s era suit with big collar
Bottom: (see above)
Shoes: Comfy lace-up shoes
Accessories: Sweet oversized glasses, circular earrings, class, confidence

Barbara Jordan


Leslie (R.I.P.)
Top: Crop top
Bottom: Hot shorts
Shoes: Heels
Accessories: Fanny pack, leopard cowboy hat, beard, long beads, sense of humor



Willie Nelson
Top: Black shirt or tank top
Bottom: Jeans
Shoes: Cowboy boots
Accessories: Red bandana, guitar, lots of weed

Willie Nelsonsource

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    • Reply hipstercrite October 30, 2014 at 2:23 pm

      Oh yeah…that’s a good one.

  • Reply Steven October 31, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    Willie wears New Balance shoes! You got to be comfortable when stoned!

  • Reply Emily @ Sweets and Beets November 2, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Obsessed with this post, hahha. I actually mentioned this at a party last night and someone else was like “oh yeah I saw that!” .. Good stuff! ; )

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