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Why We Should All Care More About Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

1 Comment 23 April 2014

via Pinterest Have you heard of StitchFix? It’s an ingenious start-up that lets fashionistas utilize the help of “personal stylists” while shopping for clothing online. After you sign up and fill out your size and personal style details, stylists will help you select five items of clothing. This clothing, which averages around $65 a piece, [...]

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Why I Haven’t Written on my Blog in Awhile

5 Comments 18 April 2014

Hi. My blog is sad. I barely write on her anymore. You see, something happened. I got a completely unexpected and wonderful writing job, and my blog has taken a back seat. I’m sorry, blog. I love you and I miss you. I will try to play with you again. The job I mentioned is [...]

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Hey, Rick Moranis! Will You Come to Our Party?

1 Comment 07 April 2014

Dear Rick Moranis, We are throwing a party in your honor on April 27th at Wright Bros. Brew & Brew in Austin, Texas, and you are cordially invited. I can’t afford your airfare or a hotel room, but you’re welcome to crash at our place. We have a spare bedroom with a weight machine! I [...]

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Why Dressing Like an Oddball Could Make You More Successful

1 Comment 21 March 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt like a goddamn weirdo for most of my life. Even though I’ve grown up to be a relatively normal adult who wears normal clothing and has a normal job, I know that the eccentric, awkward child who loved to wear over-sized men’s suits in junior high is still [...]

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20 Screenings, Panels & Conversations You Should Check Out at SXSW Film 2014

1 Comment 07 March 2014

This is my third year at SXSW Film, and I’m so stoked! This year’s lineup is great as usual, with a diverse mix of super indie, international and Hollywood talent. There is also a variety of interesting and cutting edge panels that are worth attending. Here is my list of the top 20 films, panels and conversations to check out [...]

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Ten SXSW Fashion Trends for 2014: Geriatric Loafers, PajamaJeans and More

4 Comments 05 March 2014

Do you have your SXSW outfits together yet? If not, then look no further. Below is my fashion guide for must-haves this year at SXSW. Don’t be left out from the fashion blog style recaps this year! Harem pants are not only comfortable, they also make it really easy to hide free party food or to take a [...]

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Hipster City Travel: Buffalo, New York

137 Comments 25 February 2014

Back in December, the Washington Post published a completely arbitrary list of what was in for 2014 and out for 2013. In addition to ridiculously passé things such as Russia and food stamps, Austin was also considered “out” for 2013. In its place? Buffalo, Mother-f’ing New York. Oh, how I laughed! How could Buffalo, New York, [...]

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Hey Lady, Quit Acting Like An Insecure Hot Mess

8 Comments 11 February 2014

I rarely talking about dating on this blog (I used to more often when I was an early twenty-something hot, steamin’ pile o’ mess and dated a bunch of douchebags), but I don’t pretend that I know any more than anyone else about anything in life. We bloggers sometimes get all high and mighty about [...]

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