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I’d Gladly Stare at a Poster of a Shirtless Meatloaf

3 Comments 07 January 2012

Indie-ignorant and proud: What it looks like to love the musical eras of yesteryear By Lauren Modery 01.06.12 | 04:00 pm I have no idea what new music is out there right now. I have the freakin’ pen-name “Hipstercrite,” and I have no idea what people my age are listening to. I am no hipster, I’m [...]

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How to Have a Hipster Thanksgiving 2011

12 Comments 23 November 2011

Last year I wrote a guide on how to have a Hipster Thanksgiving. Reading over that guide, I kind of wish I could copy and paste it for this year’s post, but alas, I had to come up with something new. Last year’s guide talked about Amy Sedaris’ hosting book ‘I Like You: Hospitality Under [...]

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The Driver Says…

No Comments 14 October 2011

“It’s time for Hipster Halloween Costume ideas again, you guys!” If you’re not sure what hipstery Halloween costume you’ll be wearing this year, check out my post over at CultureMap for some ideas… ____ Halloween is just around the bend. For us hipsters, this is the cherished time of year where we can emulate our [...]

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Another 7 Indie Valentine’s Day Movies You Should Watch

23 Comments 11 February 2011

Yesterday I posted my top 8 favorite indie romantic comedies/dramas for Valentine’s Day. The truth is the list started out as 12, then got chiseled down to 10, then down to 8. Sometimes I get tired of writing a post. Sometimes I look at my post and I resent it and I don’t want to [...]

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Top 8 Indie Valentine’s Day Movies

24 Comments 10 February 2011

Indie being a code term for “hipster”. I already used up my one allotted use of the word “hipster” this week. Many of these films aren’t even indies, but they are just quirky enough to earn a place in the hearts of millions of pretentious young people like myself. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day [...]

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Last Minute Hipster Halloween Costume- Your Ideas

9 Comments 28 October 2010

Yesterday’s post regarding last minute hipster Halloween costume ideas had such positive feedback that I wanted to hear your ideas! Y’all are so clever… Hall and Oates- (for Hall) blonde mullet, leather jacket or private detective coat, a list with a woman’s kiss print on it, (for Oates) jheri curl wig, mustache, t-shirt with arms [...]

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Last Minute Hipster Halloween Costume Ideas

9 Comments 27 October 2010

I’d say about 90% of people wait until the last friggin‘ possible minute to get their Halloween costume. I know this because having worked at a clothing store that is popular around Halloween time encourages every asshole to come in the day of wanting to dress like a 70′s porn star or an 80′s aerobic [...]

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