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Is the news making you sad? You’re not alone.

4 Comments 15 August 2014

It’s been a tough week. For everyone. Ah, fuck it. It’s not just the week. Things have been tough for a long time. The news. Oh, the news. It has gotten to a point where you just don’t want to read it, see it, hear it. But you gotta. You have to stay informed. You have [...]

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Do You Have Anxiety? You’re Not Alone, Child

7 Comments 15 May 2014

  source: The New Yorker I often write about my anxiety on this blog. Maybe you’re sick of reading it, or maybe you can relate. Maybe you’re a hypochondriac like me. If you are, share a soothing comment down below; it’s nice to know I’m not the only nerveball out there. My anxiety has been [...]

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A Lesson in Being Idle

16 Comments 26 September 2013

source Something happened to me recently: I became scared of everything. I write about my anxieties and fears often on this blog and sometimes I write about them in a joking manner, but lately it’s become not as funny as an episode of Two and a Half Men. No, lately my days are filled with [...]

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When Ambien Causes You to See Double-Headed Clown Monsters

6 Comments 18 September 2013

via Toothpaste for Dinner So, last Saturday I tried Ambien for the first time, or as what I like to call the ”HOLY SHIT! AM I DYING?!?!” pill. The Ambien was not prescribed to me, but rather to my boyfriend who is in the process of convalescing from arm surgery (hey, don’t judge- you probably would [...]

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Warning: Spotting a Sea Turtle Can Cause Panic Attacks

1 Comment 23 July 2013

We took a last minute trip to the Redneck Riviera this weekend. I didn’t know the Texas Gulf was called this until a social media friend pointed it out… and after I saw all the monster trucks driving down the beach with drunken and toothless young men yelling “Hey, Girl!” out their window. Say what [...]

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Keep Your Feelings to Yourself

22 Comments 04 December 2012

As of late, I present a lighter fare to nosh on. I’ve drifted further and further away from any complex or adverse feelings due to wanting to keep the site a happy playground full of Jeff Goldblum photos, poop jokes and jointly Jeff Goldblum photos containing poop jokes. This need to check rain clouds at [...]

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How to Find Balance in Life

2 Comments 02 November 2012

I never thought I would become one of those people. The kind that forget to breathe, who developed a detestable ability to stare at something with no thought coming to mind. A person who forgets to see the wonder in the world. Blaming a career built around the Internet would probably be fair, but it’s [...]

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The Emergency Room is a Scary and Confusing Place at 2AM

6 Comments 25 September 2012

“Somebody stabbed me with a screwdriver!” These words traveled with a ten-person entourage on their way through the ER doors last Friday morning at 2AM. Geoff and I were at the ER because he had a 103 fever and was coughing up blood. Not coughing up blood in a Robert Shaw at the end of [...]

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