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10 Ways To Know If Your Fitbit Has Taken Over Your Life

5 Comments 03 September 2014

Activity trackers have been all the rage in 2014, and arguably no device has received such wide acclaim as the Fitbit. For many, the Fitbit, which comes in the form of a clip or wristband, has become a form of obsession. Once you’ve joined the Cult of Fitbitdom, there is no turning back. You take [...]

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A Love Letter to the Land of Enchantment

3 Comments 29 August 2014

When I tell people that New Mexico is my favorite state, they ask why. Why that grizzled old state?  If they have ever visited the Land of Enchantment, they end their conversation with, “Santa Fe and Taos are beautiful, but the rest of the state can go.” Even as non-New Mexican, this comment cuts at [...]

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Is the news making you sad? You’re not alone.

6 Comments 15 August 2014

It’s been a tough week. For everyone. Ah, fuck it. It’s not just the week. Things have been tough for a long time. The news. Oh, the news. It has gotten to a point where you just don’t want to read it, see it, hear it. But you gotta. You have to stay informed. You have [...]

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In Defense of Relatability in Storytelling

3 Comments 07 August 2014

This week, I noticed a number of film acquaintances and friends sharing a New Yorker article calling the “rise” of the expectation of relatability in creative work a “failure” of society. The article’s author, Rebecca Mead, believes that by us viewers expecting relatability in whatever work we are observing, we are creating a “reductive experience” [...]

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Hipster City Travel: Wilmington, North Carolina

1 Comment 05 August 2014

Oh, Dawson Wilmington, North Carolina, is one of those idyllic coastal towns peppered with rose-lined picket fences, friendly neighbors, an old-timey Main Street and, in David Lynch’s version of the city, the occasional severed ear chilling in a field. Located just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean, this town of 110,000 boasts a wonderfully weird [...]

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Finding Companionship in Your 80s: A Love Story

5 Comments 23 July 2014

My grandmother drinking a margarita for the first time in her life “This man started chatting me up in the parking lot,” my grandmother called to tell me this past Saturday. “Man, did he like to talk a lot. He’s 87 too.”  I wasn’t sure where she was going with this. “Anyway, he asked me [...]

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Reasons Why You Should Travel by Train

10 Comments 09 July 2014

I’ve clocked 125 hours on the train in the past ten months. Ninety-six of those hours were spent on a single trip from Austin, Texas, to Syracuse, New York. The train became my preferred form of travel after flying started setting off all kinds of anxiety alarms. The experience of going to the airport and [...]

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Please Support the Austin Zoo and Sanctuary After Recent Robbery

3 Comments 07 July 2014

Babe, a former 4H project and survivor of the slaughterhouse  When I first moved to Austin, an ignorant fool told me that the city had a zoo, but all it boasted were “some goats you can feed.” This equally ignorant fool believed the unfactual statement, thought that feeding goats couldn’t possibly be fun (oh boy, [...]

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