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Stories of Strangers on the Train: The Christian and his Gay Daughter

0 Comments 14 January 2015

I can’t remember how our conversation started, but we talked from 8AM to 10:15AM. He was 60 years old, a truck driver. His daughter bought him his first smartphone, and he asked me if I could download a few apps for him. I was surprised how relaxed he was giving me his phone and personal [...]

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Hearing the words “you have cancer”

2 Comments 03 January 2015

Grandma getting her hair did three days after her diagnosis We heard those terrible, dreadful words- “you have cancer”- on Tuesday. My grandmother, my stoic, indestructible grandmother, was diagnosed with lung cancer. They found it by accident. She had fallen and wanted to see if she fractured her rib. A small shadow on her lung [...]

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What Was the Best Thing That Happened in Austin in 2014?

1 Comment 16 December 2014

As I reflect back on Austin’s 2014, a mix of happy and sad emotions bubble to the surface. Though it was a fun and exciting year in this  snazzy city, Austin had its fair share of heartbreak as well. Austin is feeling the growing pains of being the #1 fastest growing city in America, and [...]

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How Not to be a Starving Artist

0 Comments 08 December 2014

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an artist. Whether it was filmmaking, writing, acting or dressing up as deceased Borscht Belt entertainers, I had the bug and I knew I needed to pursue a career in the arts. When you’re a wee one, you have no idea that a career in [...]

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Why You Should Make Aerial Silks a New Year’s Resolution

1 Comment 26 November 2014

So, I didn’t win the Snap Kitchen #21DaysforGood Challenge, but I did learn a lot over the past 21 days. Because of this challenge, I completed volunteer opportunities and physical challenges that I had been too lazy/fearful/forgetful to do. I’m becoming a regular volunteer at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless, I’m attempting to walk [...]

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Yesterday a Homeless Man Gave Me Money

3 Comments 13 November 2014

Last night, as I parallel parked my car on West 6th Street, between Hut’s Hamburgers and Whole Foods, a tall, older man dressed in black waved his arms at me, implying that I should back my car up. “A $40 ticket they’ll give you for not being in the lines,” I could hear muffled through [...]

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The World is F’ed Up Right Now, So I Wrote Some X-files Fan Fiction

2 Comments 06 November 2014

Guys, shit is fucked up in the world right now, so I wrote some X-files fan fiction. I hope you enjoy it. As I’ve shared before, I spent a lot of my teenage years dreaming about the lives of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (mostly about them getting it on.) Even now, when I have [...]

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I’m a Challenger for Snap Kitchen’s 21 Days for Good Challenge

5 Comments 01 November 2014

Friends, I was asked to partake in a really exciting challenge. Snap Kitchen, an Austin-based health food eatery, selected me as one of the 21 Texas challengers for their 21 Days for Good Challenge. From November 1st-21st, Snap Kitchen will be providing us healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner as we work towards our personal goals [...]

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