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My Quest to Find a Natural Deodorant That Doesn’t Make Me Smell Like a Pubescent Boy

natural deodorant

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become increasingly self-aware of my mortality. Because of this, I’m convinced that every single stomach gurgle is in fact an organ-feasting parasite contracted through the drinking fountain at Target or a headache is a long-growing tumor developed via sniffing too many blueberry-scented markers as a first grader. I’m adamant that every animal and inanimate object can and will kill me if given the chance. I stay clear of TVs affixed to restaurant ceilings and walk as far as possible in the opposite direction of squirrels.

My current concern is Alzheimer’s Disease. Unlike my other worries, this fear is not unfounded (warning- Debbie Downer moment about to occur): one in every 10 people over the age of 65 and nearly 50% of people over the age of 85 have Alzheimer’s. I’ve watched my adopted grandfather gradually lose his mind from this horrendous disease. Though researchers are not quite sure what causes Alzheimer’s, there has been long-standing speculation that (more…)

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Dress Like Your Idols: The Replacements

replacements don't tell a soul

Currently, I have two fashion rules:

1.) Raid boyfriend’s closet.

2.) Continue childhood goal of becoming a rock star.

At 8 years old, I wanted to be Jerry Lee Lewis. At 11, Michael Jackson. Then, for some terrible, terrible reason, Elton John dictated my prepubescent years (thirteen is the year I learned want “dyke” means). In my late teens, it was the era of David Byrne, which has continued to shine brightly for the past twelve years. Occasionally I’ll fall in love with another (Warren Zevon, for example) and most recently, I’m fixated on The Replacements (where are the woman?!)

Um, how excited are you that The Replacements are semi-reuniting this year? I would make the trek to Chicago/Denver/Toronto to see them if I didn’t think they would mostly argue onstage.

The Replacements Live

I was a wee one when The Replacements had their heyday, so I’m kind of late to the game. These past few years have been an awakening in 80s alt-rock and luckily for me, Geoff has a plethora of enviable concert (more…)


How to Make a Succulent Book Planter


I’ve never been nor ever will be an adorable lifestyle blog.

No model-esque baby has exited my womb to photograph and share with viewers day after day  (however, I do have a “baby” whose eyes I gouged in with a screwdriver).

Our house is filled with stacks of paperwork, dead plants and the American tradition of Ikea furniture mixed with vintage, solid pieces.

I used to have fashion, but now wear shorts and t-shirts every day due to the Texas heat. When not wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I “embrace” my 90s Gwen Stefani with sweatpants and tank top. I did have a very short-lived “What I Wore Today” series on my blog- it mostly consisted of the previously mentioned attire.

However, I do get crafty sometimes!

Occasionally I make something that is manic pixie lifestyle blog worthy. I don’t do this to show off my crafting skillz; I mostly do it because I’m cheap.

For example, I was going to buy a $50 succulent book planter this weekend, but realized I could make one for under (more…)

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Urban Outfitters vs. American Apparel: Which Hipster Brand Is Most Ethical?


I’ve had this blog for years and every month I get an itch to make it more streamlined. Thoughts of starting an editorial calendar dance in my head, but who am I kidding? My brain is about as organized as the basement of some sad sack on A&E’s Hoarders.

If I was more organized, I would make Friday my designated fashion and design day. In an attempt to accomplish that goal, I’m going to write about the most ridiculously hipster fashion topic I can think of:

Urban Outfitters


American Apparel.

Two clothing companies that the hip teen-through-thirty-somethings who think they are still teens love to shop at.

Full disclosure: I used to shop at both AND off and on worked at the latter (judge away!)

I no longer shop at Urban Outfitters for ethical reasons, however, I continue to support American Apparel, not because of some Kool-Aid allegiance I formed while working there (believe me, it’s NOT a perfect company), but because side-by-side, American Apparel is a more (more…)

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Citygram: Austin’s Newest Interactive Digital Magazine


There’s a new digital magazine on the scene!

Citygram, a new Austin lifestyle app created by Apartment Therapy writer Chris Perez, aims to bring some of Austin’s brightest, smartest and stylish writers straight to your Ipad.

Some of your favorite local personalities have teamed up with Citygram: Tolly Moseley from Austin Eavesdropper, Joanna Wilkinson from Keep Austin Stylish, Jess Simpson from Forgiving Martha, Amy Lynch from OneSmartPopTart, interior designer Sarah Stacey, artist Callen Thompson, Dr. Alex Carrasco and designer Chris McCray (p.s. I’m a contributor too!)

To learn more about this fun new venture, check out Citygram’s Kickstarter campaign and social media profiles:


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Most Romantic Places in Austin to Instagram on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Since it’s an Instagram world and we all have to live in it, I’ve compiled a list of local spots to take obnoxiously adorable photos with your sweetheart on V-day. You won’t be the first couple to take photos here and you can count on your future kids barfing when they see these cutesy photos of their ‘rents, but heck, it’s your love and you can do whatever the hell you want with it. If you want to suck face in front of Jo’s Coffee while a professional photog snaps your photo, suck away.

Note to Austin-area business owners: If you want to receive a lot of foot traffic and free press, put a romantic mural on the outside of your building. Thank me later by giving me free swag from your business.

What do you think is the most romantic spot in Austin?

you're my butter half austin

The “You’re My Butter Half” toast & butter pat street art on the side of the United Way building 2000 E. MLK – photo via me!

i love you so much austin

The simple yet sweet “I love you so much” text written on the side of (more…)

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Hipster Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2013

Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day?

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.

I spent so many years single that V-Day became a day of celebrating my bitter, unrelenting scorn.

But now this will be my second holiday with someone special and I realize that I didn’t dislike V-day because I was single, I just don’t like it period.


Actually, most holidays are stupid- except for Halloween. That is not a stupid holiday.

But you know what?

A lot of really cool people make really cool stuff that make great Valentine’s Day gifts.  Their stuff is so hip, it makes me want to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day (which I kind of do already- that’s why I think having a holiday to express your love  is silly-willy).

As some of you know, I’m friends with the fine folks over at Scoutmob.

Their artisan shoppe boasts a kick-ass collection of handmade art, clothing and decor by talented folks in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit…and Austin. Our very own Austin-bred (more…)

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Blonde vs. Brunette: The Lifelong Battle of What Color to Dye My Hair

I need your help!

I’d love a hair makeover for the premiere of our film at SXSW this year, but I’m not sure what style and color to go with!

I’m currently blonde, but have a paranoia that my blonde hair is actually a green-orange brassy tone and that makes me look like a crack whore or Sarah Jessica Parker (the next time someone tells me I look like SJP I will PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE!)

My natural hair color leans more towards brunette, but it’s more so a mousy gray blob color that deserves to NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY EVER AGAIN!

So my options are: have a professional make my blonde hair look less crack-whorey or dye my hair dark brown.

OH! And should I do bangs?

blonde or brunette

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You Can’t Take a Picture of This; It’s Already Gone

Last Friday, I posted the picture of my grandparents seen below on my Hipstercrite Facebook page. The photo and the story behind it proved to be popular, so I decided to sift through old photographs of my family and post them here.

For reference, the photos include my grandfather and grandmother on my mother’s side, my father, my mother and I. My grandparents divorced in the 1960s and my grandfather died shortly thereafter. My parents divorced in the 1990s and I am their only child. I’m close to all of them and looking at these photos brings me both great joy and sadness that so much time has passed.

We’re all stuck in the past, so oblivious as to what’s to come…


 Grandma and Grandpa on their honeymoon, Lake Placid 1945

Grandma, age 19, 1945

 Grandpa during WWII, 1942?

 Grandpa’s work photo, shortly before he died, mid-1960s

Grandma in Mexico, early 1970s

Mom in Mexico, early 1970s

Grandma and Mom in Mexico, early 1970s

 Mom in New Orleans, mid-1970s

Dad, (more…)