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What first attracted me to the blog Blackberries to Apples, was the witty title. The name provoked images of a sassy big city gal who career’d it by day and blogged by night. I peeked into the blog to find exactly that- a smart, funny, confident writer living and working in NYC. Her tales of being a twenty-something in one of the greatest cities in the world always keeps me wanting to hear more. That is why I was delighted when she suggested we do a blog swap.

We exchanged emails and immediately knew what we were going to talk about: relationships and the weird shit that comes with them. When I read her post, I could instantly relate to it, and I think you will too.

I’m honored to present the true tales of Ms. M….

(P.S. check out my post over at her blog)


We hold this truth to be self-evident: Relationships are fucking bizarre

I’ve been on this planet for like 24 years now, and I feel like I haven’t learned very much. I mean, I’ve definitely learned some things. Don’t touch an open flame. Don’t put your tongue on things that are frozen. Don’t go on second dates with guys who regularly use the word “jibe.” You know, shit like that. Other than that, what I like to refer to as lifestuff seems mostly nebulous. Except for one truth I’ve found to be universally, um, true: relationships are fucking bizarre.

I’ve had three “serious” relationships in my life, and each one has been fucking bizarre in its own special ways. I mean, first of all, the whole construct of “being with someone” is bizarre. You meet a person. For some unknown reason, you decide you “like” him or her. You start “dating” or whatever. Then you make your liking of said person “official” by spending most of your time – a good bit of it naked, WTF – exclusively with said person. And then, once you’re past excitingnakedstage you spend all the rest of your time trying to ignore, move past, or accept all the things you can’t fucking stand about that person. I’m not bitter. I’m just keeping it real.

Even more bizarre than the experience of being intimate with another human being is the experience of looking back on the relationship after you’ve ended it. My first serious relationship started in high school – when I was, ummm, 15 years old – and ended soon after my 21st birthday. My second relationship began when I was 21 and ended when I was 22. My third and most recent relationship began when I was 22 and ended when I was 23. So, basically, I’ve been in a relationship of some sort every year for the past eight years. Looking back on it all, I would say that I’ve had mild to moderate success with my break-ups; this is evidenced by the fact that I no longer stay in contact with any of my exes. That means I’m either 0 for 3 or 3 for 3, depending on how you choose to look at it. Of course, I choose the latter.

It also means that I have no hesitation airing some of the weirdest habits my exes had – you know, just as evidence for the ultimately bizarre nature of relationships. The reason relationships are so bizarre is that when you’re in them, your brain warps like the very fabric of spacetime, and you don’t think bizarre things that the other person does are, in fact, bizarre. But when you’re out of the relationship, you will inevitably have a moment when you look back and realize, “Holy shit. That was so fucking weird, but it seemed so fucking normal at the time.” Now is one of those moments.

A List of Fucking Weird Things My Exes Did, In No Particular Order*

Played the didgeridoo
Had an irrational dislike/fear of bodily fluids (yes, including those bodily fluids)
Had a drawer full of adult toys
Abhorred the word “goddamn”
Owned snakes (yes, plural)
Took up “bouldering,” which is just rock climbing for insane people opposed to things like ropes and harnesses
Voted Republican
Worked at Cracker Barrel
Claimed to have a life goal of owning a Venus Fly Trap (OK, not gonna lie, this is weird, but also fucking awesome)
Lit a match after going number 2
Played the didgeridoo
Came thisclose to voting for Ralph Nader
Talked to me in explicit detail about sex with his ex
Owned and used nipple clamps
Built his own computers (PCs, WTF?)
Went to bed at precisely the same time every night
Went through an aquarium/fish phase
Purchased lingerie and claimed it was truthfully, honestly a selfless gift for me
Refused to drink alcohol until he was 21
Got irrationally upset when I made meaningless observational statements about surroundings (Me: “This room is small.” Him: “What, this room just isn’t good enough for you?!?!” True story.)
Made inappropriate moany noises when he saw SUV ads in magazines
Did not know/had never heard the Applebottom Jeans song. You know the one. You know it.
Had a genital piercing
Wore only women’s jeans**
Read the entire Twilight series, which is somewhere close to an entire week of life that will never be returned
Worked in a legit pet store for, like, more than a few months
Referred to an $800 tattoo as an “investment”
Referred to said investment as “hahahahahahaha”
Went through a “bonsai tree” stage
May or may not have owned a lizard or a frog or something at some point
Pretended to be gay while selling clothing to women at his retail job

*For fun and fairness, I added – at random – some of the fucking weird things yours truly did whilst in said relationships
**I swear to God, this is not one of mine, which is why it definitely deserves a place in the top three fucking bizarre things on this list

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  • Reply miss. chief January 13, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    hahaha my boyfriend plays the digeridoo

  • Reply Taylor January 13, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    i've just made it a goal now to own a venus fly trap.

  • Reply Angie January 13, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    Holy crappers, that's quite a list! I've got one of my own… COLLECTED BEANIE BABIES. for realz.

  • Reply RenRexx January 13, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    i've got not problem with lighting a match. I prefer it. imagine walking into that stenc