Twitter Quitter

That’s what my dear friend Chris (the next adopted Weinstein Brother) said to me earlier today on AIM.

 “I’m thinking about quitting Twitter…which I guess would make me a Twitter Quitter.”

I think he’s onto something.
Though I opened a Twitter account over a year ago, it wasn’t until recently that I jumped on that 100 mile per hour Twitter Train. After a nausiating worldwhind, I’m now standing at the edge of the boxcar, looking down at the passing landscape, trying to find a safe place to land.
In addition to discovering the site shallow and mostly a “my dick is bigger than your’s” contest, I’ve managed to LOSE A FRIEND because of it’s insanity. I made a comment to a friend who was changing his status every two seconds that his “status updates are out of control!”. That led to him calling me a “bitch” and “pompous” and “defriending” me- in all areas of life. Why that provoked such anger, I don’t know. It’s safe to say that though Twitter is not the full problem in this matter, it was the straw that broke the extraordinarily sensitive camel’s back.
Twitter is another slop of cafeteria sludge added to the growing pile of crap food on your high school lunch tray. How did we get so caught up into all of this? As ironic as WALL-E seemed at first (no, actually it seemed fucking terrifying), the irony has now worn off and turned into slight actuality. How is it that the only way we can communicate with people is through internet transmission? Where we will drop a friend after reading into a couple of simple words that convey no emotion or inflection. Why do we constantly feel the need to outdo each other with our status messages mentioning the “I’m cooler than you” things that we do. I’m no innocent bystander in this mess, but I’ve finally had my “come to Jesus”. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO US?
A few weeks ago, I finally gave my thumbs a rest from texting all day and decided to spend the few hours I have away from  staring at a computer screen, actually away from the computer screen.
Maybe I’m Twitter Bitter, but I’ll soon become a Twitter Quitter as well. Who wants to join me?
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  • Reply Dani April 21, 2009 at 3:55 am

    i won’t leave twitter because it’s one of the few social mediums that i’m not addicted to you. however, I feel your pain. I got text messaging last year around this time. I’ll never forget meeting my most recent boytoy about a week later. he actually texted me, “so.. tell me something about yourself.” i was flabbergasted. I was even more flabbergasted when I complained to my homegirl and her response was along the lines of, “umm.. I don’t get it, what’s wrong with his question.” i miss the days where talking mattered more. I say “um” more often now (I used to NEVER say it before – I’m the former teen spokesmodel for my state for Christ’s sake), and I’ve found that I prefer to EMAIL my mentees in my mentor organization. sigh. Such sad souls, we are. Let’s fix it.

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