Today is National Bret Easton Ellis Day!

I just made that up.

Let’s just pretend it’s National Bret Easton Ellis Day.
Let’s devote this day, April 21st, some random, fairly forgetful day in the middle of April, to celebrate the life and work of Bret Easton Ellis, ok? How does that sound to you?
The cause for celebration is not only because of the April 24th release of Ellis’ THE INFORMERS (a movie that WILL NOT be debuting in Austin), but because of the news that Ellis has just completed his sequel to “Less Than Zero”!
MTV reports that the new book, entitled, “Imperial Bedrooms” (Ellis and his Elvis Costello obsession!), will be released May 2010 and will reaquaint us with Clay, Julian, Blair, and Rip now all twenty years older. Ellis is quoted as saying he’d be interested in having Robert Downey Jr., Andrew McCarthy, Jamie Gertz, and James Spader back to fill their roles (let’s pretend that 20th Century Fox didn’t kill off Julian in the movie). Ellis says that Julian’s character is now “sober” but “fragile” (glad to hear that an over-privileged white kid from L.A. can rise above being a cracked-out male prostitute)
I am so f’ing excited! I read “Less Than Zero” ever time I made the flight from L.A. back to NY. I thought of myself as a backwards Clay; instead of cocaine and themed parties in some kid’s multi-million dollar home above the Strip, it was Keystone Light keggers and bonfires on somebody’s farm.
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