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Evidence That I Was an Insanely Nerdy 13 Year-Old

Have you ever come across a list of future goals you created as a child and realize that you’ve failed miserably at life? I’m back home visiting in Central New York and discovered that my Mom framed my life failings in a scrapbook. The goal list below I created at 13 years of age as I was going through a painfully embarrassing X-files and Elton John obsession (painful = alienated friends and loved ones).

Sadly, I can only say that I’ve succeed in accomplishing goals #1 (David Duchovny), #2 (emails count, right?), #3 (Loves Her Gun), #9 (can I swap this out for the SAG Awards?) and #10 (Vancouver).

I’ve written out my goals below in case you get lost once my ADD kicked in and I got bored in filling in the rest of the list with color. I’ve also left my typos and punctuations errors in all their teenage glory.

What were your prepubescent goals?

teenage goals

1.) Meet Elton, David (Duchovny), Gillian (Anderson), Chris (Carter) Etc.

2.) Write letters to over 700 people.

3.) Make a movie.

4.) (more…)

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Canadians Are Better Than Americans

Well, I’m spending my last hour in Vancouver trying to finish up this blog post I started on Sunday. It’s been a good trip. Full of bear encounters, bald eagle encounters, and running away from raccoon encounters. I just took two Xanax because of my recently acquired fear of flying and I’m not exactly sure what I’m writing. Listen, whatever you do, don’t read Wikipedia’s list of famous plane crashes. That shit stays with you for years….

Nothing says 4th of July spirit than comparing our great country to the slightly better country just north of us.
For the past seven days I’ve been traveling through the Canadian Rockies and British Columbia and have reconfirmed what I thought back in junior high when I wanted to move to Toronto because the Kids in the Hall lived there- Canada is the shit. It’s an incredible country full of nice people, pristine nature, and clean cities. Here are some observations I made while gallivanting through the Great White North.

1.) The Calgary airport (more…)

Hipstercrite Life

Tap Into the Rockies

I am traveling to the Canadian Rockies AS WE SPEAK!!!!
I’m not sure if they have the internet up there. I know that they have moose. I really wish they were called meese.
I have no idea if I will be able to blog. Maybe the moose can help me with this. I’m not sure.
Also in this time, a wonderful graphic designer will be transforming my blog into a magical land.

I hope you all have an excellent week.