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Halloween and Social Anxiety

I’m spending Halloween back home in Central New York. If I were a child, I would enjoy this. Being an adult, there are many places I’d rather be than a town of 19,000 in a cold northern city (though I’m super happy to see my family). I’m sad that I’m not spending Halloween with my boyfriend who calls Halloween his favorite holiday. As I mentioned in my previous postMy Boyfriend the Style Icon‘, my boyfriend has multiple closets filled with costumes. Every day is dress-up day to him, but October 31st is particularly special. However, right now he is sitting on the runway at JFK. Jetblue has told the passengers on his flight that it could be 3-4 hours before they leave due to maintenance issues. It appears that Jetblue likes to keep their passengers captive at JFK. Hopefully this will not spoil his Halloween. I may wander around my town tonight and see if anyone is around, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve sadly become more and more disconnected from my hometown. Due to knowing that I would (more…)