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The Ultimate List of Celebrities Who Live In Or Frequent Austin

60 Comments 10 October 2012

A few days back, the Facebooks was a’flitter with news that Nicolas Cage was chowing down at East Austin’s french bistro Justine’s Brasserie. I contemplated heading down there to get a glimpse of the Dazzling One, but figured I would look as creepy as his hairline by doing so. In fact, there was a small [...]

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Glue Chest Hair to Yourself

4 Comments 20 February 2012

Due to an unfortunate circumstance that has preoccupied my mind these past few days (oddly it involves a deranged homeless man), I have tremendously challenging writer’s block. Last night I wrote about 100 poorly crafted words in six hours. In the meantime, while I regain my focus, please enjoy this photo of a typical Sunday [...]

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When Ryan Gosling Was Younger

6 Comments 30 January 2012

In the process of moving, I found packed away this hair and make-up photo I inherited from a film my former employer produced. Given to me instead of being throw out, this and other photos sat in my desk at work for a long time. Too touchingly candid to get rid of them myself, they’ve [...]

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The Indie-Urban Existential Crisis

17 Comments 24 January 2012

I’m reaching an age where it takes a lot for me to stay focused and interested in contemporary independent film and music. I’m reaching an age where unless a film has a point or a song is originally written, displays some sort of individual talent and doesn’t sound like a band I heard back in [...]

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Hipstercrite Round-Up: The World is Ryan Gosling’s Runway

11 Comments 17 January 2012

(art) Who doesn’t love recycled art? Who? WHO?! TELL ME!!! Various creative artists came up with some interesting reworkings of billboards. My favorite is the billboard swing, though it seems kind of terrifying. Like the sort of thing that you think would be a good idea to try after you had five Rumple Minze. (via [...]

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Songs About Los Angeles

5 Comments 19 October 2011

Last night I saw the movie Drive starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks, Ron Perlman and Los Angeles. A lot of buzz has been going around about this simple, yet visually and auditorily delicious film. The Michael Mann-esque qualities, Ryan Gosling’s subtle performance, the 80′s font, and moody electronic music make for [...]

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