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Austinite Could Face Ten Years in Prison for Photographing Police

It’s fascinating what human cause stories catch like wildfire on social media and which ones do not. Just last week, bullied bus monitor, Karen Klein, received over $650,000 in funds from sympathetic citizens who saw the torturous online video of her being bullied by students. In May, the story of honor student Diane Tran made headlines after a judge ordered her to jail for missing school due to working a full-time job to support her siblings. After enough public outcry, the judge reversed the order. A few months back, here in Austin, the gratuitous shooting by Austin Police of the dog Cisco caught the attention of the world and over 100k likes on Facebook. The social media stir resulted in the APD issuing an apology to Cisco’s owner, Michael Paxton, and policy change within the APD.

Many stories, like the three listed above, really strike through to the heart of humans. An elderly woman being told by kids that she should die? A young woman trying to do the right thing sent to jail? (more…)