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Have You Seen Holy Hell?: The First Film to Premiere on the iPad is Making Waves in Interactive Media

So, y’all have heard about the first ever iPad movie, Holy Hell, shot in good ol’ Austin, TX, right?

If you haven’t been following this cutting-edge series, the final chapter of the film will be released today and you should check it out so you can become one of the cool kids that can  say, “Yeah… I just watched the first ever movie made for the iPad,  SO WHAT?”

In celebration of the final chapter’s debut, the filmmakers are offering the entire film FOR FREE this Friday, January 11th and Saturday, January 12th.

The film has been getting a lot of buzz in the film and tech industries, with its own flashy SXSW Interactive panel to add to its long list of cool factors.

The feature stars Edwin Neal (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE), Kenneth Wayne Bradley (DRIVE ANGRY), Barbara Chisholm (FAST FOOD NATION) and Ellie McBride (TREE OF LIFE), and was directed by director Rafael Antonio Ruiz, who is currently voyaging the festival circuit with his acclaimed short A Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence (Fantastic Fest, Telluride and Cucalorus).

HOLY HELL tells the story of a small church on the verge of bankruptcy in a world of mega churches. Desperate for any idea, the congregation makes a horror movie in a last-­‐ditch effort for survival. But once they become the target of a politically-­‐active religious watchdog group, the small church gets more of a fight than they bargained for.

GOD, I f’ing love innovation.



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  • Reply Rafael January 11, 2013 at 12:16 am


    The Holy Hell app will not be free this weekend. It will be very soon but not as our birthday gift to you guys.


    In short, Apple makes it impossible to make In-App Purchases free. In the final stages of prepping this promotion, we discovered that we can make the chapters any price we want literally right now. $9.99. 157.99. $999.99. But we aren’t allowed to simply give it to you. Not even for a short period of time.

    We’ve tried work arounds. We’ve tried discussing the issue with Apple. We’ve even reprogrammed the app to their specifications and effectively fixed the problem. In a similar level of competence, Apple will not update the app in any prompt manner.

    So to the first 50 people that absolutely need the free app this weekend, feel free to contact us and we will happily oblige you with a promo code for the current edition.

    Anybody else interested in when we will be making it free again, please contact us and we will let you know the moment it happens.

    We apologize and wish you guys the best of weekends.

    Now go see Man from Orlando.

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