Hipstercrite Round-Up: The Crazy Girl Edition

Good Magazine
  • (Relationships) The Huffington Post article A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not “Crazy” has been making the rounds this week. In the article, author Yasha Ali earns his gold star bone-ability rating by reminding women that it’s not us, it’s them. “When we are discouraged in our youth and early adulthood from expressing emotion, it causes many of us to remain steadfast in our refusal to express regret when we see someone in pain from our actions.” This article has the exact opposite title of my post Girls Are Crazy Until They Reach the age of 26. When I first read Ali’s article, I thought, “Yeah, but we women need to toughen up a bit.” I had worked for a person very similar to the type Ali describes in his post. He made me feel small anytime I opened my mouth. “Stop acting like a girl!” he’d say. Everything I did was wrong. I wasn’t good enough and he often held my job over my head. It was a difficult time in my life and looking back, I feel that it made me stronger. I learned to act like one of the boys. However, do we women really deserve that? Whether it made me stronger or not, it’s bullshit.
  • (Impact) One of my absolute favorite websites Good Magazine (the same magazine that was to feature my grandmother in their magazine but recanted on their promise), had a fascinating article about a knitting group in Maryland’s male Pre-Release Unit in Jessup, Maryland. Believe it or not, the prisoners really dig knitting and over 100 inmates have gone through the program.
  • (Humor) I rarely cry laughing, but this one nearly made me tinkle in my pants. Dubbing over Herman Cain with nonsensical words that fit his mouth movements might be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. “Before mighty Facebook, how would I have found Tom Hanks?”- Herman Cain

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  • Reply Laurie December 10, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Love the Herman Cain lip reading! That is awesome! What a tool….

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