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I Told Myself That By 30, I’d Pay Off All My Debt. And That’s What I Did.

Yesterday, I paid off the last of my debt.
I made a plan to have my debt paid off by the age of 30, and seven months in, I did just that.
I’ve written about twenty-something finances and debt before and had had some incredible conversations with friends and readers about it.
I used to be embarrassed that I had debt. I felt like a fool, and the shame I felt often felt like a suffocating¬†blanket over my life. On top of embarrassment, I felt anxiety. I would wake up in the night in a cold sweat, feeling like my life was essentially over because my debt became unmanageable (note: I actually didn’t have a lot of debt, but it multiplied exponentially when I fell behind and my APR skyrocketed).
Then, one day, I was no longer embarrassed- I’ll share that day with you shortly– and that is when I began talking freely about my debt on my blog. I have no special insight into the world, but if I walk away from this blog one day, I’ll be most proud of the (more…)