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Seven Female Film Characters I Want to Have a Drink With

Life is kind of poopy right now.

I’ve been feeling like crap for a few weeks and I think others have too. It doesn’t helped that our leaders completely and utterly failed us yesterday (P.S. if I made a scene or didn’t show up to work, I’d be FIRED, Congress!)

But you know what? Life has ebb and flow in the waste management dept. and that’s just the way it is. It’s all going to be ok, right?


DEAR GOD, PLEASE TELL ME IT WILL ALL WORK OUT!!!!!111111111!!!!!!1111111

Something that helped me get through a particularly challenging few weeks was buffet-watching Jennifer Westfeldt films. Some of you may know her as the writer-actress of Kissing Jessica Stein, Ira & Abby and Friends with Kids, or some of you may simply know her as Jon Hamm’s long-term partner, which is too bad because she’s a brilliant and funny fox in her own right. Though her three features are mostly variations of the same story (neurotic Jewish girl and her creative friends search for love in New (more…)