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The Other 2012 SXSW Parties You Should Attend

You see, I could give a crap about RSVPing to all the hot SXSW parties this year and standing in line for hours on end in my only pair of stylish shoes that I pull out once or twice a year because they give me knee pains and being crammed into a small area with hundreds of drunk scenesters that step on my said only pair of stylish shoes which forces me to go all Hulk-like on everyone and tell them to “BACK THE FUCK ON UP!”, but in reality I actually won’t, so I become a shell of a person, completely despondent to all that is around me.

Instead, I’m checking out the other parties. The parties that I know won’t be overcrowded, or if they are, at least I can learn a thing or two about a cool new app, business venture or meet some neat-o folks.

Check out this list of parties if you’re hoping not to get your pinky toes murdered.

Who: The Warby Parker Citzen’s Circus
When: March 12-14th starting at 1PM
Where: French Legation Museum
Why: Cause who doesn’t want to hobnob with this (more…)