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The Ultimate List of Celebrities Who Live In Or Frequent Austin

A few days back, the Facebooks was a’flitter with news that Nicolas Cage was chowing down at East Austin’s french bistro Justine’s Brasserie. I contemplated heading down there to get a glimpse of the Dazzling One, but figured I would look as creepy as his hairline by doing so. In fact, there was a small part of that was afraid he’d go all Bad Lieutenant 2-style on me if I said hello.

I still haven’t figured out why Nic Cage was in Austin or if he is even still here, hiding behind a dumpster and shouting unintelligible words at homeless people for fun. Theory is he’s in the new Terrence Malick film shooting here (that is every Austinite’s answer for when they spot a celebrity), but I can’t imagine Malick casting someone like Cage for his highly intellectualized dramas. Cage is way too good of an actor for that stuff.

The Cage spotting got me thinking about all the celebrities that live in Austin or enjoy frequenting Austin. There are a slew of them. Some are from the great state of (more…)

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Hipstercrite Round-Up

I’m going to try something new today. This was an idea I planned for the blog redesign but never got around to doing it until Randall at  The Mojo Wire reminded me.  Thanks, Randall!

Now that I’m a freelance writer and social media manager, I spend a lot of time reading and sharing on the internet. I come across a lot of cool stuff and I guess sharing them on Facebook and Twitter are not enough- I FEEL THE NEED TO SHARE THEM ON MY BLOG TOO!

I’ve always enjoyed Flavorwire’s daily roundup, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Please let me know your thoughts. Do you like? Not like? Should I do daily or once a week or never?


Texts from Bennett was the hot commodity trending on Facebook today. Text messages from a 17 year-old white kid who thinks he’s a Crip never was so funny. Do you guys think it’s real?

-Do you go by the title ‘Happiness Advocate‘? What about ‘Social Media Trailblazer‘? ‘Head Cheese‘? Or how about ‘Douchebag‘? Brazen Careerist talks about the trend of cutesy (more…)

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Slacker 2011

Austin, Texas is a film city. It is not always easy to find film work in, but it’s an excellent place to write your script or make your movie (see why here).

Moviemaker Magazine named Austin, Texas the #5 place to Live, Work, and Make Movies In.
We host arguably the #3 film festival in the U.S. (SXSW) and a respectable up-and-coming festival that features big Hollywood movies and players (Austin Film Festival). We have studio directors who got their start in Austin and continue to shoot their productions in here (Richard Linklater, Mike Judge, and Robert Rodriguez) and we have a plethora of indie filmmakers whose work has been seen at every festival on the planet, literally.

So needless to say, some pretty interesting and creative stuff comes out of Austin.

A perfect example of this is the “reimagining” of Richard Linklater’s perennial indie classic Slacker, which will be premiering tonight at the historic Paramount Theater on Congress Avenue. If you went to film school, you (more…)