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The Best Nerdy Glasses for Your Boyfriend

“I want to get a pair of glasses like David Byrne has in the “Once in a Lifetime” music video,” my boyfriend said to me the other day.

If he only knew how long I had been waiting to hear those words come from a man’s lips.

I remember the first time I saw the “Once in a Lifetime” music video. I thought, “One day I want to date a man who dresses like a faux-evangelist.”

Little did I know those days were the beginning of my transformation into a hipster.

The David Byrne “Once in a Lifetime” glasses are not that dissimilar to the George McFly glasses. Another man I had a crush on as a child.

Needless to say you can tell why I’m so excited that my boyfriend want to get- eek, dare I say, hipster glasses.

See, this is the problem with cool glasses. If you want to wear vintage or unique glasses, you get labeled a hipster no matter what. Well, what if you just dig old glasses? What if you’ve wanted to wear old glasses ever since you were a little girl and you really don’t (more…)