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I Studied in the School of Muppets

Trying a new thing today. This is the republish feature on my CultureMap article this weekend about the Muppets.
Hipstercrite Says…

Everything I Always Needed to Know, I Learned From the Muppets

By Lauren Modery

11.27.11 | 02:00 pm

There’s something special about the Muppets. Something that makes you cry within the first 60 seconds of seeing their new movie—and in 15 minute increments there on out. Something that makes you weep uncontrollably while watching them sing “The Rainbow Connection” in said new movie. Something that makes you stare vacantly at the smiling and fixated children sitting next to you in the theater and thinking, “Children, don’t let your youth slip away.”

For 56 years (!), something about these puppets have been tugging at our heartstrings generation after generation (and if they don’t do it for you—it’s possible that you have no soul). Most of us grew up with the Muppets and, whether we realize it or not, they’ve taught us some very valuable lessons. (more…)

20-Something, Hipstercrite Life

I Believe in a Thing Called Love, Just Listen to the Rhythm of My Heart

Yesterday I took a big chance. I wrote an article about my boyfriend on CultureMap- which gets way more traffic than my blog does. I often find it difficult to write long posts, but I found myself able to nearly write a book about my boyfriend. The post, titled “Do You Believe in All the Cliches? A Sappy Relationship Story”, is about how I used to date douchebags and then one day I stopped. I met the most wonderful person and it made me believe that all those cheesy cliches about love might be true. I nervously watched as my boyfriend read the piece once it was posted. The more he read the more my stomach twisted in knots. He loved the piece and when he was done reading I went and gave him a tear-filled hug.

Enjoy the sap…


I used to date douchebags, then one day I stopped.

I’m not sure what made me stop acting this way. Maybe I finally grew up. Maybe I became more confident in who I was. Maybe I met the right person.

Or maybe it was all of those things combined.

Before (more…)

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Memorial Day Crime Spree

“This is how people become alcoholics,” I said to my boyfriend as he handed me a bottle of the only liquor he had in the house. The liquor I so hastily requested as we sat listening to the helicopters circling our neighborhood. Even though it tasted like cough syrup that had been sitting in someone’s medicine chest for decades and had begun the fermentation process, I couldn’t drink what was left of that Barcardi Razz fast enough. It was 3AM and I needed to drown out all the thoughts of whatever manhunt was currently going down on the eastside, the reports of gunshots downtown, and the fact that once again my car was broken into less than 24 hours prior.

I can’t find any data that confirms this, but I feel that Memorial Day is a day particularly saved for criminal activity. It’s the gateway into the summer- the time when temperatures rise and so does crime. Evil-doers are giving us just a little taste of what’s to come. Sticky and sweaty lawlessness.

Some of you know, my car had (more…)