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The Secret to Enjoying the Internet: Pretending to be Your Cat

I love my cat.

I love my cat in the way that most childless 30-something women do: whole-heartedly, unconditionally and a little creepily.

When I look at my cat, FatFace, a former feral with three teeth and mouth herpes, my heart bursts with pure joy. There are no cats cuter than my cat, I whisper to myself. Every pose she makes is pukingly cute and therefore must be photographed and shared online. In attempt not to overload my friends who look at me with great sadness in their eyes, I decided to create an Instagram account for FatFace from FatFace.

But her account was also born out of the bloody aftermath of the 2016 election. Tired of participating in and watching poop slinging from both the left and right and everyone in between, I decided that losing myself in the blissfully ignorant personality of my apolitical cat was a better place to be than the hell we humans had created for ourselves. The more I masqueraded as my cat and the less I added to social media (more…)

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Life of a Freelancer in Pictures

A wise man once told me that the key to being a balanced freelancer is making sure you change out of your pajamas every day.

So far I’ve failed miserably.

Changing clothes, brushing hair, going outside are all things I no longer know how to do.

Instead of telling you about my now two months as a freelancer, I thought I would show you in pictures.

Coffee no longer relieves headaches- it gives headaches

When you can no longer sit at your desk out of fear you will develop atrophy, watering dead plants is your only solace.

“Did I change my underwear yet today?” she wonders…

Staring at the ceiling fan pondering if you might die from lack of social interaction.

Going outside and looking for feral cats in the neighborhood because you’re not sure what else to do.

Excited to finally have time to cook but end up heating up  peanut butter with stuff.

Standing outside the window questioning whether you’ll ever being a human being again.