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Thinking of Moving to Austin? A Pinterest Relocation Guide

I’ve been on Pinterest for a few months now. I rarely used it and it had about as much appeal to me as covering my entire body in Nair.

With it’s broadening popularity and user presence, I began noticing that people are doing some pretty creative stuff on it.

Austin ad agency GSD&M’s “SXSW Survival Guide” is a great example of how Pinterest can be so much more than just a bunch of photos of shoes or houses you’ll never be able to afford.

Inspired by this project and trying to find the best avenue for a relocation guide to Austin, I created a series of boards with popular neighborhoods in our city, neighborhoods people would want to move to. I included business, homes, the cost of living, museums etc. Often I get emails or comments from folks telling me that they’re thinking about moving here and I thought having a visual on Pinterest would be a perfect answer!

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