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Aerogarden is the perfect gift for the crazy plant person in your life

Are you a crazy plant lady or dude? Read further.

I rarely do sponsored posts because I’m not a fancy-ass influencer, but once in awhile the stars align and I’m able to work with a cool brand who makes cool products and who doesn’t seem to care that I’m not a fancy-ass influencer.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a deep love for plants and gardening. It’s something that happens when you enter your 30s and don’t have children. You begin to see plants as your children, and the next thing you know your house is filled with 75 plants, AND 75 cats, and you find yourself leaving parties early so you can feed all 150 of your babies.

I currently live in a yard-less townhouse, in an area that has robust winters, so I get my plant fix by placing my plant babies around the living room and kitchen. When the opportunity presented itself to work with Aerogarden, I was super stoked.


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Austin, Fashion/Design

The Botanical Heavenliness of Big Red Sun

There exists in Austin a magical place called Big Red Sun. It is a “full service design/build studio specializing in commercial and residential landscape services.” I’d rather call it botanical heaven. For any design junkie, this store will make you drool.

Also located in Venice Beach, California, Big Red Sun carries innovative landscape and design products such as the French-made Bacsac– collapsible above-ground planters, and Woollypocket, wall planters that not only add a fun aesthetic to any inside or outside wall, but are great tools for helping kids learn about gardening.



Big Red Sun is located in the heart of East Austin in an adapted rundown storefront. They were featured in the East Austin Studio Tour and I went to snap some pics. Take a look!


The first thing you notice in Big Red Sun is the knit, mutant-esque deer head plaques on the wall. Yarn tentacles from the deers’ head stretch across the ceiling.

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