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The Best Song Lyrics for Facebook Status Updates

People like quoting song lyrics as Facebook/Twitter updates typically for one of two reasons- 1.) They’ve run out of things to say 2.) They think it makes them sound interesting.

However, people often have really shitty taste in music. Take for example this article sent to me by Austin Carnivore from the men’s lifestyle blog MadeMan- “10 Good Music Lyrics for Facebook Status”
#1  is Linkin Park’s “The Catalyst” and includes moving lyrics such as- “God bless us everyone. We’re a broken people living under a loaded gun.

Damn. That’s some good shit right there. I’m sure men everywhere are thanking you, MadeMan, for representing the male species’ under-appreciated taste in music.

Most of the lyrics I see Tweeted or FB‘d are usually pretty hipstery songs that give the illusion that the poster is wise and insightful. Or give the illusion to the poster that they are giving the illusion that they are wise and insightful. Lot’s of indie crap and references to Joy Division.

Forget Lady (more…)