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How to Make Your Trash Can Look Less Ugly With Duct Tape

When you peruse Pinterest or Etsy and come across some glorious creation, do you often think, “Dear God! Everyone is more creative than me! Why do I exist? What have I contributed to mankind?! SOMEONE TELL ME!”

I do. Looking at Pinterest sends me into a tailspin of self-doubt and cheese puff-eating.

Once in awhile I get a bug up my ass to do something creative. Last night I was staring at our tiny and stinking trash can and thought, “You’re ugly, trash can. It’s time to give you a makeover.” I ran out to Target, bought a taller cheap-o trash can with a lid and an assload of Duct Tape. As you may know, Duct Tape has a line of unique colors and patterns now, including a mustache print. Out of fear of making my boyfriend throw up in his mouth every time he passes the trash can, I opted not to put mustaches all over it. Instead, I bought colors that would best compliment the New Mexico-vibe Geoff has going on in his house. Geoff went to college in Santa Fe and holds the wonderfully weird (more…)