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20 Signs That You Hate Your Job


It feels like every day an article titled “20 signs that you hate your job!” pops up in my inbox or social media feed.

With 70% of Americans disengaged from their work, it comes as no surprise that these type of articles appear with frequency.

I hated doing the 9 to 5 monkey dance and that is why I left it. It’s been two years since I worked in a conventional office setting and I haven’t looked back (she says while slurping the last drop of her Top Ramen).

Unless you work for a company like Google or a similar company that encourages work-life balance and creativity, “working for the man” can feel soul-sucking and pointless.

It took most of my twenties to realize that I was disillusioned working for people who didn’t care as much for me as I did for them. Here is a story about the height of my dismay, but was in too much denial at the time to recognize it.

I’ve never shared this story publicly before.

I used to work at a celebrity-owned production company. Very few people (more…)