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Why I’m Sick of Hearing About Celebrity Children Becoming Actors or Models

Dakota Johnson

Yesterday my friend Facebook chatted me to discuss the recently announced casting choices of  Fifty Shades of Grey the movie.

I have neither read Fifty Shades of Grey nor intend to, so she had to explain to me who the roles of Christian and Ana went to.

“I can’t believe Dakota Johnson is playing Ana!” she said.

“Who is Dakota Johnson?” I asked.

“She is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson,” she replied.

It made perfect sense. Why wouldn’t she be? Why wouldn’t she be the daughter of not one, but two famous celebrities?

It feels like every day I see a different headline boasting the stories of celebrity children becoming actors or models:

Ireland Baldwin Aims to Follow Parents Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger into Film

Hot Pics of Scott Eastwood on Buzzfeed

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son, Patrick, Modeling for Hudson Jeans with Georgia May Jagger?

Look up any entertainment news section and there is a good chance that whomever graces the top articles (more…)