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Why I Haven’t Written on my Blog in Awhile



My blog is sad.

I barely write on her anymore.

You see, something happened.

I got a completely unexpected and wonderful writing job, and my blog has taken a back seat.

I’m sorry, blog.

I love you and I miss you.

I will try to play with you again.

The job I mentioned is at the LIVESTRONG Foundation. I am the copywriter at the HQ in Austin.

Though I am the copywriter there, it is still difficult for me to describe the amazing things the organization does.

It has changed my life.

Not only has it made me a better writer (I still get brain gas, so please don’t hold typos/grammatical errors against me), it has opened my eyes to the realities of life.

Do you know what LIVESTRONG does? I’ll be honest; I wasn’t quite sure before I started working there.

It has something to do with that cyclist guy, right?


It has always offered and will continue to offer free, life-changing services for people facing cancer.

You see, anyone affected by cancer- (more…)