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A Comprehensive List of Austin’s Best Blogs

(Update: I wrote this blog post in 2012 and just updated as of April 28, 2015)

There are an ass-load of awesome blogs in Austin, Texas.

(I think) I read a statistic somewhere that Austin has more bloggers per capita than any place in the country.

Since I have zero proof that Austin has the most bloggers of any place in America, one fact I do know is that Men’s Health Magazine labeled Austin the #8 most socially networked city in America.

Since we boast such awesome blogging talent, I wanted to create a comprehensive list of Austin bloggers for those interested in the Austin scene. We have amazing writers who cover everything from lifestyle, music, food, humor, travel and dating. Take some time and get to know these great Austinites.

If you don’t see one of your favorite Austin blogs listed that may be because a.) I’m only listing blogs that have blogged within the past six month and blog more than once a month and b.) I’m a jackass, I didn’t know that the blog existed and (more…)

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Bloggers Are The Best: Blogging From BlogathonATX!

I am writing this from BlogathonATX.

I just finished speaking about branding yourself online and I was super nervous (ssshhh).

Thoughts kept running through my head- What if I sound like a tool? What if I have no idea what I’m talking about? What if torrents of sweat run from my armpits? Everyone asked wonderful questions and they told me I sounded like I knew what I was talking about, so that is good. I won’t have to drink myself to sleep later tonight.

I’m excited to check out later sessions including Long Term Blog Maintenance with Crystal Edwards and Blogging for Business with Ellie Scarborough. I’m also looking forward to free sushi courtesy of Roll On Sushi. I might want to roll around on the sushi myself, so Cathy over at Slave to Fashion is going to have to stop me from doing that.

Check out the live stream of BlogathonATX here.


Ilene Haddad (the mastermind behind BlogathonATX) and I! photo by Jake Wengroff

Cathy from Slave to Fashion!

Ilene (more…)


BlogathonATX: Where Austin Bloggers and Entrepreneurs Can Meet & Learn!

The folks over at BlogathonATX graciously asked me to speak at their April 28th event here in Austin. The topic is branding yourself online and creating staying power.

I’m super stoked to not only be a part of BlogathonATX, but to also talk about something I love so much- blogging!

This will be my first speaking engagement regarding blogging and I’m so thrilled/touched that someone thinks I have something interesting to say.

What is BlogathonATX you ask?

An all day event where Austin bloggers, writers, social media peeps and entrepreneurs can meet, greet, write and eat! There will be informative Q+A sessions such as Long-Term Blogging Maintenance by Crystal R.R. Edwards, Blogging for Business by Media Bombshell, WordPress 101 by Jackie Dana and one-on-one feedback sessions on what you can do to improve your blog!

This will be my first year at BlogathonATX. The darn thing is so popular that it sells out before I’m able to buy tickets! I’m most looking forward to meeting (more…)