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When Your Boyfriend Wants to Go to Space

There is a very real issue challenging my relationship with my boyfriend and that issue is space.

Not in like that my boyfriend needs his alone time and distance, but more like he wants to go to outer space.

It’s an issue in our relationship because I don’t want him to go to space, but I also live by the rule not to tell your partner what to do.

My boyfriend really wants to go to space and why should I deprive him of that?

However, when I think of him in astronaut regalia being catapulted into the great abyss in a spaceship, it makes me curl up into a ball.

The topic of space makes me resort back into a little girl and ask through tears, “Why boyfriend? Why do you want to go to space?”

Now how is my boyfriend going to space? Well, he’s not. At least not yet.

No, he’s not one of those rich assholes who bought themselves a ticket on Richard Branson’s 70’s-looking love ship. He’s applying to become an astronaut. NASA has an open call for astronauts.


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