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  • Reply BJ June 6, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    Humor appreciated, we really DO adore the freedom that comes with lower daily overhead and clutter. I stand up in my loft, also have a convertible bed and hammock downstairs for use as needed. I am never crunched for space, have less to clean than my 5200 soft McMansion, and have much more quality time in my life.

    A custom built home with everything that is important to ME has been an epiphany. I lack nothing, know myself better, and thrive each and every minute of my life. Designing, acquiring materials and hand Building one’s own home gives a sense of primal satisfaction that is rarely matched.

    For the great majority not at this place in their spiritual journey or career-driven lifestyle, we only ask for mutual respect and perhaps a bit of curiosity.


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