Austin Day 105? I’ve Lost Track. 105 Sounds Good: It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It’s raining and it’s supposed to freeze and they’ve made that announcement every five minutes. That is not an exaggeration.
People are even sending in pictures of tiny icicles on their cars and rooftops. I forget that I’m in Texas and these sort of things are a big deal.
Meanwhile, my mother watches as inches of snow accumilates outside her window, sighing, dreading having to wake up an hour earlier just to get properly dressed, defrost and scrape off the car, and drive five miles per hour through the back roads of Upstate NY.

It was so lovely last week. The city was full of life. I ran through Town Lake running-dancing to Sly & The Family Stone and beamed at every person who crossed my path. How can I not smile when it’s January and 80 degrees, I’m listening to one of the best bass lines in rock music (“Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin”), and my legs have the ability to run. I scavange for a coffee shop, but am dismayed to find that every single one is filled up. Every single person and their mother decided to go to a coffee shop that day too. Austin is a coffee shop kind of town. If someone asked me to describe Austin, I’d say, “It’s like a big coffee shop that you and your Mom go to.”

SXSW is coming up. That means people from L.A. will be here. That means I’ll be confused.

I’ve been participating in the Chronicle’s “Chrontourage”. Check it out here and my profile here.

Next Friday, FANBOYS debuts you in Austin. The Alamo is hosting an event with screenwriter Ernie Cline to introduce! Get your tickets now before they sell out. It’s the 6:45PM showing at the Ritz. If you don’t know about FANBOYS, it’s the epic tale of a group of friends hitting the road to break into Lucas Ranch to see EPISODE ONE before their friend dies. This movie has been years in the making and is finally comes to theaters in February!

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