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Stylish Bicycle Helmets for the Hipster Cyclist in Your Life

Sometimes I have ideas.

One of these ideas was to make fashionable bike helmets.

I wanted to make fashionable bike helmets to a.) encourage people to actually wear helmets and b.) feel like winner while wearing a bike helmet.

Let’s face it, bike helmets aren’t the snazziest style accessory one can wear. They’re big, plasticy and make you look like a big doofus.

Since I’m not business savvy and I have no idea how to make helmets or sell them, I’ve found hip bike helmets that other people made. People who realized their dreams of making bike helmets; people who make me feel like a loser.

Yo, this is a good holiday gift for the biker in your family. Especially if you don’t want them to die.

These helmets are all really expensive, but you can’t put a price on cyclist fashion, ya know?



Yakkay, $141 (converted price)

Yakkay, $141 (converted price)

Yakkay,$150 (converted price)

Casqu En’Ville, $130 (converted price)

Casqu En’Ville, $130 (more…)