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Album Review: David Byrne & St. Vincent Try to Out-Weird One Another on Love This Giant


When the first single of David Byrne and St. Vincent’s new collaborative effort, Love This Giant, hit the Interwebz a few weeks back, I made this face:

In fact, I wrote a small tirade suggesting that David Byrne, my numero uno creative God, should maybe stop trying to be “unique” and “special” all of the time (a pointless request, I know).  The single, “Who”, sounded like noise to me and was quickly filed away in failed David Byrne attempts (alongside the albums Little Creatures and Feelings) and I forgot about it until Austin’s most illogical and mentally sedated radio DJ, John Aielli, played it on KUT.

When I heard the song a second time, something strange happened. I kind of liked it. As the weeks went by, the song grew on me. I wouldn’t say it’s is one of my all-time favorite David Byrne songs (it would make an appearance as #53 on the list), but over time I started to get the song. Get what he and St. Vincent were trying to achieve. This was amplified by the incredibly (more…)


David Byrne & St. Vincent’s New Collaboration is Dull

David Byrne can’t stop making stuff and sometimes not all stuff he makes is created equal.

Take for instance his new stinkfest song “Who” with singer St. Vincent.

It is available for free download as a peek into the duo’s new album together “Love This Giant”.

I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed with the song and I don’t anticipate the rest of the album being that amazeballs either.

What I appreciate about David Byrne is sometimes the same thing that makes me cringe. He not only supports young talent by attending their shows and publicly speaking about them, but he often collaborates with hot young talent… and sometimes he shouldn’t.

Sometimes David Byrne should stick with what he does best, which is write and perform inside his merry Davidbyrneland.

What struck me first about this song is how polished and classically-trained St. Vincent’s voice is and how wobbly and not classically-trained David Byrne’s voice is. DB’s voice is an acquired taste which by itself (more…)