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I Creamed My Face (Or What Skincare Products Work Best)

Throughout the past fifteen years, I’ve had ups and downs with my skin. When I lived in Los Angeles it was clogged and oily. If work stress didn’t make it difficult for me to keep my skin clear, then the heavy layer of smog suffocating everyone did. When I moved to Austin my skin got healthier, but it’s never been 100% perfect. I’m sure I’ve had a lady friend or two with airtight pores who has gotten super uncomfortable with me staring at their canvas-like faces for long periods of time. How does their skin stay so perfect?, I think.

The one upside to having slightly oily skin is that it keeps you from getting super wrinkly early.

At 28, my skin has found a happy medium. I would be stupid if I didn’t recognize that it mostly has to do with my hormones, but I’d like to think that my skincare regime plays a part in it. A year ago I noticed the cobwebs around my eyes were starting to define themselves. At times I looked tired and old. Then I remembered my Mom’s age-old saying, “Always (more…)