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Come Back, Rick Moranis! (and Deborah Foreman, Phoebe Cates and Tim Curry)

My little nugget

Do you ever find yourself catching an old flick and wondering, “Oh man, where did that actor disappear to?” Then you scramble to Wikipedia only to find out that they died of bone cancer in 1978 and you become completely despondent for the rest of the evening (John Cazale anyone?)

Sometimes actors or actresses don’t have as sad of a fate as Cazale, but they simply stop acting or fizzle out. Sometimes we miss them. The guys and gals listed below don’t need to make a “comeback.” A comeback makes it sound like they fell out of favor with society and they’ve been thrust into the naughty corner until society says they can come out — no, they simply need to come back. Come back into our lives and make us whole again.

Here are a list of actor and actresses I liked to see put back on first billing:

Rick Moranis

I could write an entire post about The Moranis, or as I like to call him, “My Little Nugget”….