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Televangelism Fashion

In honor of the shitty week that Harold Camping must be having, I thought I’d revisit a post I wrote about the awesome fashion sense of evangelists….

Sometimes I think about turning my blog into a fashion blog.

Fashion blogs always seem to be the belle of the ball.
The hit of the party.
The slut of the kegger.
They always get the most traffic and the most comments.
Which is interesting, because they’re usually written by a doe-eyed thirteen year-old girl from Winnipeg who likes to stand pigeon-toed and wear her Grandma’s reading glasses.
Anytime I do write about fashion, it’s one of three things- vintage clothing, making fun of American Apparel, and making fun of American Apparel while forgetting that I’m wearing an entire American Apparel ensemble.
However, I thought today that I might write a fashion post for a dude named Oral.
Yes, Oral.
Oral died recently and I had no idea who the heck he was. In fact, I’m super hung-up on the fact that a couple decided to name their (more…)