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Ten SXSW Fashion Trends for 2014: Geriatric Loafers, PajamaJeans and More

Do you have your SXSW outfits together yet?

If not, then look no further.

Below is my fashion guide for must-haves this year at SXSW.

Don’t be left out from the fashion blog style recaps this year!

harem pants

Harem pants are not only comfortable, they also make it really easy to hide free party food or to take a crap in when there isn’t a bathroom handy. 

via Alternative Apparel, $88

old lady shoes

These beautiful shoes by Silverts are the perfect SXSW accessory! Not only will you be comfortable, but hoards of Interactive participants might mistake you for a nurse and ask for help after their thumbs lock up from “checking in” too much. Charge $20 a visit and you’ll have extra SXSW income!

via Silverts, $19.99

fanny pack

A quintessential SXSW adornment is the fanny pack. These helpful crotch pockets are perfect for hiding one free breakfast taco in. 

via ShoeBuy, $25.99


2014 is all about texture and purple velour is the way to go!  Luckily for you, Prince is not scheduled to make an appearance at SXSW (more…)


Rachel Roy SXSW Street Style

During SXSW I was invited to partake in a Rachel Roy photo shoot with other creatives in Austin. I was slightly familiar with the brand, but by the end of the shoot, I fell in love! Roy’s clothing is not only unique, colorful and beautiful, but super comfy too! I got to meet so many wonderful ladies and gentlemen from NYC, Austin and Houston and made some terrific new friends!

Below is the SXSW Street Style shoot we did. We also shot a fun summer collection pictorial that should be available through the mailing list soon at!

In my photo, I joked about doing the classic Lookbook stance of pigeon-toeing yourself. Looks like they chose that photo! Maybe there is something to the pigeon toe stance after all!

I’m wearing the Angel Dress $129. Femme, charming and has pockets to boot! I also got to include my Great Aunt Stella’s 90 year-old locket in my outfit.